How to Meet Girls in College

Have you ever watched the movie about... Well, actually, any movie? I bet you remember one of those scenes where the beautiful yet shy girl drops a book, the perfect-looking guy, probably, the quarterback picks it up for her, run after her past the riot guards and then they fall madly in love. I have bad news. It does not work in a real life. If you are not one of the lucky ones, of course. So, how to meet girls in college? You just have to know certain rules that we are ready to share with you.

Meet girls in college

Tips on How to Meet Girls in College

College is a perfect place to learn everything. You get to learn about yourself, you get to take different types of classes, you get to experiment with who you are and how you fit into the world, which by the way, will never end. It is also the best place to meet female classmates. But HOW to meet more girls in college? Where to start? Start with practice.

Practice in College

Let's face the fact, a lot of guys are too afraid to talk to girls in college and to approach them on the street. Of course, in the beginning, you do not know how to go up and make it happen in a smooth way. It is okay to be nervous. So, how to meet girls in college if you are shy? You should practice meeting people at places other than your college. Go to shopping malls, bars, streets, etc. and try to start a conversation.

It is the best practice of socializing with people that you are unfamiliar with. You really need to go into situations where you can meet a lot of different girls and try things out with the intent of making sure that the girl and you are having a good time together. Get used to breaking out of your comfort zone, breaking out of the fear when approaching a person that you have never met before. Once you get used to it, then there will be no fear of being judged.

Of course, I can have the most insightful, the most useful and beneficial advice for you on how to meet girls to date in college but if you can't take the first step, all that information is useless. So, if I had to leave you with one piece of information that would be this phrase “You have to put it in practice”. Even if you watched all the videos that exist on how to start running, you still have to do something to get the result.

Find Some Common Ground with College Girl

Guy meets a female classmate

You are in college, an area where everyone shares the same identity. College is like one big party where everyone there for the same reason. All guys have something huge in common – they go to the same college. So, they can talk about the teacher, the class or the test that is coming up. Remember, they are going through the same struggles. “Hey, what's up? What are you studying?” is enough to go around. By the way, “I have not met you yet” is another magic line that is going to get you into so many conversations in college.

Places to Meet Your College Soulmate

The campus is a great place to meet girls. What I want you to do is to merge groups. Make lots of friends, get a lot of numbers and then you can start merging groups by introducing people to people. It will give you the leadership role. I know it might sound very out of your comfort zone, but you know what? You have four years to practice this! Dorm might also be your saving grace in this case, so take advantage of some of the events hosted.

Nowadays, social media is something that guys are going to get very caught up in. It is so easy to do a lot of messaging on Facebook, Tinder and Snapchat but your goal is to meet this girl in person. Just be as active as possible and you will have that social acuity. You will be able to see and feel if, for example, there is too much tension. You will know how to bring it down, how to make it work.

What Girls Want in College

Let us talk about what girls want in a college. What is the difference between a college girl versus a high school girl? What does the girl in her 20s want? What are her thoughts, feelings, and emotions?

Girls in college are looking for the ultimate experience and fun. They are going to be listening to different types of music, getting into more culture. This is the time for people to explore. I want to help you understand the mindset of what a girl is going through, so that you really understand what is she looking for.

You can be surprised but a girl, actually, wants more guys to approach her. Sometimes girls actually can take the longer path just to pass by a couple of guys. So, they want the same as you do – have some fun and experience. They want to understand how to treat guys, how to get guys to like them. They are also nervous, shy and insecure. So, all you have to do is to take the first step.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Meet Girls in College

Remember, it will be enough for a girl just to walk part of the way to class to know if she wants to see a guy one more time or not. The key to meeting a college girl is to be confident without being too assertive.

So, first of all, use your common ground and start with a good open line as I have already mentioned. Your pick-up line should be non-threatening and even innocent so that the girl feels comfortable continuing the conversation with you. You go to the same college, remember? After “I have not met you yet” or “What are you studying” line, ask her what she thinks of Mr. Brickman or Mrs. Adams, how she passed the philosophy exam or what course should you take additionally. Just ask something, do not be quiet after the first question.

Do not to take it too seriously, approach a college girl with a smile. You are not actually asking her on a date, there is a zero pressure on you to perform.

Once you have asked a question and established a simple connection, end up a conversation by asking her to show some great places to hang out or to study quietly. It can be a cozy corner in the library, a local coffee shop or just an open-space area. If she does not know such a place, offer her to show your favorite spots. You just have to share your personal experience.

The next step is to sit down and talk. But you do not want to talk only about yourself, your sports achievements or perfect weekends. It is supposed to be a conversation, not a monologue. Believe me, if she is sitting here next to you and listening to your long stories, she is interested in you. And that is a win, my dear friend!

So, how to meet your soulmate in college? Neither praying nor begging is not going to help you here. So, start with a conversation. If men get turned on by what they see, women get turned on by what they hear. 


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