7 Points of Healthy Relationships

Laughter, common values, the ability to express love every day… There are things and activities that differ long and healthy relationships from short and non-perspective ones.

Relationships usually start from getting in love, and partners see everything in rainbow colors. But how to determine a couple able to live together long and happy? There are 7 points of continuous and solid alliances between man and woman. 

  • 1. You Can Laugh Upon Yourself and Each Other

    Couple Laughs

    The point is not about evil irony or disrespectful mockeries. They work the opposite, they can make your relationship worse. The point is about being not too serious and to joke upon funny personality features of each other.

     This is when people can laugh upon favorite movies, to remind themselves past failures with a smile, and to confess in their own egoism from time to time.

  • 2. You Find the Way to Express Your Love Every Day

    Showing up tenderness and care is possible through the most common and simple details like a cup of coffee in the morning or pleasant words. The main thing is to make them happen regularly, because this is how the emotional background of a couple is being formed.

    When such gests become habits, this means your relationship to be lifetime long.

  • 3. You Have Common Values

    Of course, there are no ideal partners. But to build a solid and long-living alliance, you need to have your thoughts about the main values as identical as it is possible.

    Researches show that the partners who share the most important points of life like: religion, money, attitude to children, the more chances they have to spend their whole life together.

    That is why it is worth to discuss values with your partner at the start of relationship. They are doubtful to change through time.

  • 4. You Don’t Feel the Need to Judge Each Other

    If your partner makes any unpleasant or impolite deed, you don’t think he or she does this on purpose. In other words, you continue believing in his or her good intentions.

    Instead of looking for who is guilty, you share your feelings with each other, and try finding a solution for the situation not to come again in future.

  • 5. You Don’t Keep a Record

    In ideal relationship, each partner does something for the other one without expecting to get something in return. But this does not always happen that way. When it doesn’t, this leads to resentments and accusations like «I am the only one who invests into our relationship!”

    It is much better to refuse providing such a record, and just to start telling your partner about your wishes.

  • 6. You Don’t Run from Problems, You Solve Them 

    Couple Discussion

    Problems are part of a regular life, that is why nobody should hide from them. As psychologists note, when partners overcome difficulties together, their connection becomes stronger.

    Yes, solving troubles requires having courage. But strong and safe relationship is a good reward for it.

  • 7. You Keep Responsibility for Your Mistakes

    When both partners understand their roles in relationships and are ready to admit their own being wrong, it’s a very good sign, too.

    Imagine a person saying: “Yes, I know that I can push on you and be annoying when having a bad mood”. And the other one answers: “But I know that I can sometimes be too secretive, and it scares you”. Such relationship can truly last long.

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