You Can Finish Tasks Without Discipline

Undisciplined Human

Discipline is said to be necessary for any task. They say you need to be disciplined in order to reach goals, to bring your life back into order, to do what you want. That is not completely true. You can deal with your tasks without being disciplined. Six points shown below will confirm that. They don’t want you to be disciplined.

  • 1. Excuse Yourself

    No human can be perfect. You should not blame yourself for not being disciplined. Just excuse yourself if you can’t stay like that all the time, and proceed to the next step of this guide.

  • 2. Understand Discipline to Be an Illusion

    All in all, discipline means trying to make yourself do what you do not really want to do. This is possible only if you have strong motivation. And the motivation is what you need to work on here.

  • 3. Focus on Motivation

    Ask yourself a question about what is your motivation for reaching this or that goal. Do not forget about your answer, and remind yourself about it when difficult and tough moments appear. Make an accent on your motivation, not on something else. That is more effective than just trying to force yourself do what you don’t want to do because of a discipline.

  • 4. Make Things Simpler

    People often think tasks that they do not completely understand to be difficult and complicated. So MAKE those tasks to be simple and understandable ones. Any large project or complicated task can be divided into several easy points, each of them  not being a problem for you to complete it.

  • 5. Make an Accent for Your Pleasure

    It is difficult to do something you don’t like, so try to find an interest or something pleasant for you in any task and goal you need to reach. Do you hate paper work? What if you do it having a cup of a favorite coffee in your hand and listening to your favorite music? Does this sound better? And this is only one of many possible variants. You just need to think a bit.

  • 6. Repeat the List

    It does not matter how great your abilities are. You will meet difficulties sooner or later. The point is, not to get despaired and not to blame yourself for being undisciplined. Yeah-yeah, come back to the point 1 calmly. 

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