How to Find Your Calling: Part 2

The next part of the article about people and their calling. Is it possible for everyone to find it?

The Ability to Choose

The way how you earn money does not have to correlate with your talents or calling, but it obligatory has to help you reach your goals. Let’s go back to examples: it is quite possible that you do not have that feeling of photography and this art is not in your blood. But you would go in for professional photography if it could let yourself be independent and free, if it could allow having much time for your favorite activities and making the world better, wouldn’t you?

Choice of Calling

Anyone needs money to live. That is a truth of life. Let it be if you do not fly in clouds being happy and satisfied when running around clients with your camera, but if this business does not oblige you to be busy all the time… why not?

Mostly, people work during 5-6 days per week. It would be cool if this job could bring them satisfaction because they literally live at their workplace. But things are different. Still, they keep working, no matter that the job was not their independent choice. Despite that, while looking for their calling people try to make their lives better, so the need in their unloved job could disappear one day.

Here is when we speak about choice: in the process of searching their calling, people start changing one job to another, one employer to another, one 5-day schedule to another, etc. Does this make sense? It won’t mean too much if you say “no”. That is a circle race.

It is naive to think that you could find your calling as a seller if you changed one hall to another. Sales are just for example, but it works for any field.

Maybe, it is a good idea to change that field? Still, you can get into the same trap here: you are not a seller, but an office manager; then you are not a manager but an IT-worker in a big firm. What has changed?

Nothing has changed: you still get up early in the morning, come to the office and do something needed to anyone but you. And you go on dreaming about a day when your calling search quest will be successfully over.

While going in for any activity that does not help you come closer to goal achievements, you just waste your time in vain. You will never find your calling choosing between different forms of the same activity, as you try to choose where the choice just does not exist.

That is the second problem which does not let people find their calling. And here is another substantial conclusion: one’s calling can be different.

Basing on this, you need to expand your comfort zone and to master new fields of activity. If you feel that you’ll never be happy and satisfied with a regular job, then you need to understand what field could allow you to approach the wanted result as soon as it is possible.

You can do that by asking yourself questions about happiness and knowing your personal features.

Still, you shouldn’t think that troubles reviewed above are the only ones in the quest for your favorite job or business. There are some equally important things that make the search of your calling more difficult.

Frames and Routine

It can happen that way: a person finds his or her calling, but it becomes not a source of happiness but a stumbling block. Try to understand an important thing: once you find something you like and something you are ready to dive into, you risk losing your freedom and independence. A new activity can simply put frames for you, and then, after some time of satisfaction, you’ll feel yourself standing at the dead end again.

Calling and Routine

Finding your favorite job or life business does not mean finding a new wheel to run in it like a squirrel. You should be careful when diving into your new hobbies and going “all in” on them. There always should be some space to maneuver, do not limit yourself with the only activity. As it was already mentioned, your calling can be hidden in different things, but you need to have space for searching in order to actually find them.

Plus, almost any activity has routine elements in it; even the most creative job can get you tired. Finding a deal that will make you satisfied till the very end of your life is possible, but it is very very difficult. It is highly probable, that your excitement will get exhausted in a few years.

When looking for your calling, you should always keep in mind a thought telling you that you’ll want to change something again with time. Will for a change is normal for humans, so here it is once more: do not put yourself into frames of any single profession or activity. Thinking that life sense is in one exclusive thing is definitely wrong.

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