How to Find Your Calling: Part 1

One of the greatest achievements for anyone is to live in harmony with himself or herself. Whether a person is able to reach that harmony depends on what they devote their life, time and energy to; if they’re happy while doing what they do.

Student and Calling

It does not matter how you look at this problem, it will lead you to the quest for calling, destiny, mission or whatever you name it. The text below is doubtfully able to offer you the ready-made plan to find your calling, but thoughts and tips from this article will help you understand yourself better and answer at least some part of questions bothering you.

Why People “Look for Themselves”

Nowadays, there are many different articles and materials telling about how to find your calling in life, profession, etc. There are even special online tests touching that topic.

Some tips are more effective, some are less. But still, any discussion or thinking about life sense comes to the fact, that the search of calling is a natural state for a human.

People who think and develop themselves do not doubt the fact that there is to be a “business of their life”. They say this is a business making them dive into it totally; wake up at 6 AM and run somewhere to do something; the project they don’t feel pity spending time on. Such kind of activity can become a sense of one’s existence.

This is exactly what shows that you should look for your calling in order to become happy and satisfied. It should correlate with your wishes, talents and abilities. Plus, in many cases, a “life-business” allows earning money which is enough for you to live comfortably. But the process of searching can be quite difficult. A usual human’s life experience shows that well: many people simply fail to find it during their whole life.

What Do you Want?

During the process of searching one’s calling, the greatest difficulties are not connected to karma or a person being unlucky to find an activity that correlates with their wishes and needs. The problem is to be found much deeper, but the answer is literally “on the surface”.

No matter how strange it sounds, it has to be said: almost nobody ever asks themselves why they should look for their calling at all. People just take the idea of a search for granted, and believe that they need to become businessmen, politicians, doctors, scientists, actors and so on, and then to devote their whole life to this activity. In other words, a person’s profession is for some reason bound with his or her calling. But the faith about a life goal to be hidden in searching and finding your calling is the obstacle on your way to your mission itself. Let’s decrypt these words a little.

Mostly, people can’t find their calling because they put main questions wrongly. These questions look like: “Which social role correlates with my abilities and talents the most?”, “Which social role can fit me the best?”, “Which role will let me realize my talents?”, etc. it is difficult to find answers to such questions because questions are wrong.

To find your favorite job or “life-business”, you need to put questions in another way. “What exactly do I want to get in this life? What do I need to do in order to reach it?”, “Is there any social role that can help me reach my goal?”, “If there is no such role, what else can I use to get what I want?”. By asking yourself such questions you do not concentrate too much on the matter of social role. You pay much more attention to your own wishes. You do not only become able to subordinate your role to your goals, but to get rid of it at all if there appears such a need.

So, there is the reason to talk about goals more in details.

The Importance of Life Goals

A small talk about goals will help you understand the text above better. Let’s suppose that you already know what you want to get in this life. You love your life, you dare to develop yourself and find out new things about the world around. You want to be independent and free, that is why it is important for you to live and to get satisfaction, to discover yourself, to communicate with different people, to travel and to see the world. You want to make this world a bit better with your actions.

Student Having a Goal

These are your life goals. But what can you do to implement them? Which social role can fit you: a writer, a teacher, a psychologist, a director? What profession and what business correlate with your main needs?

As you can see, it is quite difficult to give an answer. But what if you tried to think out a profession for yourself on your own? What would it look like?

First, your job shouldn’t “eat” all of your time. You’ll have a family, kids will appear, and of course you’ll want to spend more time with your loved ones. That is why your calling has to give you more time for yourself than a regular job. Additionally, you may want to find time for hobbies and passions like self-development, hiking, book reading, sports, movies, music, friends, etc.

You definitely do not want to “bind” yourself to your workplace and to spend 8 hours per day 5-6 days per week there, to come home feeling angry and tired, to have two ridiculous weeks of vacation after 6 months of your endless job. Your favorite job or life-business should let you enjoy every day, rest regularly, discover new places and spend time with your family. Basing on this, your source of income has to function remotely and to be at least partially autonomous.

But independence and freedom are not your priority, and you are ready to devote as much time for your calling as it might need. This works only in the case when your business allows you to implement your goals and gain inspiration and positive emotions in return. So, the best thing here is that your business belongs to you. If it does not, then it still should give you a freedom you dream of.

You probably noticed that the discussion touches only working conditions yet, while the content of a job itself remains questioned. So, what exactly should you do?

You can become a programmer or a copywriter (or choose any other freelance specialization). You can start developing a business as well. The main point here is to have the business that helps you earn money and remain free.

Well, what about personal preferences and being useful for other people? Here is a trick: nobody can say these things depend on your job. Think about it: after you start going in for a perfect business giving you freedom and wealth, you gain a lot of time to devote it to things interesting for you as well.

Of course it would be cool if your source of income allowed doing that with itself, but today’s world can’t offer too much of that “job”, and moreover, it is not obligatory to go in for such job.

For instance, you can become a writer and then try monetizing that business in order to reach your goals. You can master photography art at the same time, and start selling your photograph services, too. Of course, you’ll need to work a lot to do that, but you’ll have more time to devote it to writing after that.

This all can be discussed for long, but one main conclusion is possible to make it right now: your calling obligatory has to depend on your life goals and to be subordinated to them.

Here, the matter of choice deserves the greatest attention. Read about this and more factors in the next article.

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