Fun College Pranks to Use on Your Teacher

Party Baloons

A way to create memorable days in your college life is to pull a prank on your teacher. If the prank you have in mind is safe and harmless, your teacher has a sense of humor and you think everyone needs a break, it is high time to start planning your prank. Remember that the best pranks must carry an element of surprise and at the end of the day leave a smile on everyone’s faces.

Colored Essay

If your teacher has assigned an essay to the whole class, you can plan to surprise them with a whole rainbow of colored essays. Make sure that your classmates agree to print out their essays on colored paper, and on the due day, turn in the works as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Your teacher will have a laugh and will enjoy reading the essays that have a little bit more color in them than usual.

Whiteboard Messages

Your creativity can shine with this one. Every day before class starts, you could write or draw messages for your teacher. The classic “Help! I am trapped in the whiteboard” is going to put a smile even on the most serious teacher’s face.

If you are a good artist, you could start with sketching something small, like a kitten, and make the drawing grow each passing day until it turns into a lion! Starting with funny quotes from the previous lesson to caricatures of your classmates, the possibilities are endless.

Whiteboard Drawing

Plan a Sing Along

Find out what is your teacher’s favorite song. Then, practice with everyone until you can all sing it decently. On a particularly stressful or boring day, when your teacher is sad or tired, start by singing the song softly, and then louder and louder, until the whole class joins in! Singing in a group lifts the spirits and helps release the bad energy. You will all feel refreshed and ready for studying after having had a little singing break.

Identity Crisis

If you were a spy, what name would you choose for yourself as a disguise? A great prank to pull on your teacher is to hand in your assignments signed with nicknames or fake names instead of your real names. Your teacher probably knows your handwriting well enough to guess who is “Mr Potato”, “Peggynator”, “Louis the 17th” and so on. Laughter is guaranteed!

Wrapping Paper

This prank works well if you have a lot of time on your hands and want to pull a prank that will leave a dent in your teacher’s memory. Get your hands on massive quantities of wrapping paper, come to class early and start wrapping everything that you see: pencils, pens, books, notes, even chairs and tables. You might need to get a helping hand to do it well, but it will surely be an unexpected gift for your teacher when he comes to class!

Personalized Prank

Think about a trait that your teacher has. Maybe their phone has a funny ringtone. You could make everyone in your class change their ringtone for your teacher’s and agree to call each other at a specific time, so your phones will ring at the same time. Imagine your teacher’s shock! Or, if they always carry a cup of coffee with them, you could fill their table with cups of their beloved coffee, or complimentary muffins.

Provide Him or Her with a Pet

Imagine how funny it will be to see a cute little puppy or a tiny innocent kitten or to hear them from under the table! Before that, get to know if your teacher has any allergy or just likes pets because otherwise a prank can turn into a failure. However, if you choose a turtle or a hamster to show to there are even some chances that they will stay in your class for longer and wonder other classmates.

Give Them a Day-Off

Wait until your teacher comes to a classroom, prepare a good actor (who is simultaneously your best friend and classmate or just yourself) and ask standing near the blackboard ask him or her to come in. Behave confident but kind. Arrange this with other classmates so that they act like you are a pupil and not the teacher. At first the teacher will be confused but as soon as you start a lesson (very naturally!) they will gladly play along and have fun with you! Let your teacher be in your shoes and some rest!

Get Some Sleep

What can be more annoying for a teacher than a student sleeping at their lessons? And what will happen if the whole class suddenly falls asleep at the same time? Wait till the middle of the lesson and lay on a desk like you suddenly felt like wants to sleep. Consequently, all people in the class do the same or just make the process simultaneous. Someone can bring a pillow, teddy bear or even a night cap!

Of course, you will not be lain like that for long but the first impression will be precious. Your teacher will be definitely surprised if not scared to death of course, but it is worth to try.

Welcome to a Fairy Tale

This prank needs a lot more effort as well as imagination. First of all, find out what tales your teacher loved (or loves) the most, they might leak a word during the lesson or just ask them very carefully. Share the roles of the characters and learn some most famous phrases of them. When the teacher comes in, let them feel like they are in their fairy tale by walking around, a charming prince or princess (if they are in a tale) may entertain the teacher, knights can have a short but impressive battle for the teacher’s hand and so on.

Your imagination here is only limited by your own prejudices but your teacher will be more than impressed for sure.


Even if you have no talent to drawing, do not worry and try to bring a bit more laughter to a daily routine – draw your teacher with a whole class and hand it him or her. Remember that a caricature does not criticize shortfalls but kindly laughs at a person and lets him see yourself from aside. Draw other classmates to make it even more fun and leave all offends behind.

Do not be too square, pull a good and kind prank on your teacher and they will definitely laugh along with you! Even if for some reason the prank seems a bit weak your teacher will still be astonished that you have put some an effort and tried to make them smile a bit.

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