12 Steps Towards Richness

Stairway of Richness

In order to multiply your funds, you need to learn how to manage your money correctly and to stick to simple rules that are familiar to every rich person.

1. Live According to Your Funds

Do not spend more than you earn. Many people get trapped into awful debts and buy things that are going to make them happy (they think so). Take your possibilities into account before spending money on something.

2. Save 20% of Your Incomes

‘Pay yourself first’ – this rule is really effective. Savings will save you in emergencies. Additionally, if you save your money, you will not have to refuse sudden interesting possibilities appearing in your life.

3. Write down Absolutely All Expenses

Counting all expenses will show you what takes big sums of your money. Then, you’ll be able to avoid useless expenditure.

4. Do Not Take Loans Without Serious Need

You can’t get rich if you give up most of your monthly incomes to pay percents for money you spent long ago.

5. Invest in Your Own Estate

When renting a living, you enrich someone else. It often happens that way, your monthly rental payment is equal to a mortgage.

Analyze all the variants of buying your own house or apartment. Even if your possibilities are limited, create a step by step action plan. Of course, implementing the plan may take a while. But if you have a goal you dream to achieve, it is possible to overcome numerous difficulties.

6. Get Rid of Bad Habits

They pull you downwards and don’t allow to achieve your goals. We talk not only about financial habits. Such qualities as procrastination or laziness exhaust you both physically and emotionally.

Form useful habits that will allow you to become better every day. Then, your success in your main activity will not take long to be achieved.

7. Set Goals for Every Day

‘I want to become rich’ is a vast phrase, and it can even seem to be an unreal dream. Set up a precise goal: to earn a certain sum of money in three years. Then, divide this big goal into smaller sub-goals that can be fulfilled within the day. Once you’ll achieve what you want.

8. Manage Your Time Effectively

There are only 24 hours in a day. It’s the same for everybody. But someone tends to do much more than others within that period.

Priceless minutes that were spent uselessly and without a clear goal, can’t be brought back to you.

You can’t become rich if you spend all your free time sitting in front of a TV-set. Plan your day, so it couldn’t go in vain.

9. Invest Your Energy and Time into a Task

Hard and persistent work is one of the fundamental conditions for success to come. To achieve it, you need to give 100% of your energy constantly. There is no another way.

Of course, you can get a serious material heritage from your unknown uncle. But this is a very rare thing to happen.

10. Find Passive Income Sources

The most obvious one is giving your real estate into rent and receiving dividends.

If you don’t have funds for that, create a blog where you can place paid ads, launch an online-course or create an interactive learning material. There are many ways, just find what fits you the best.

11. Invest into Something You Know Well

If you have a pharmaceutical business, it would be silly to invest into agriculture. Choose a niche that relates to your business.

If you are good at a certain activity, it will be easier for you to predict positive and negative steps and decisions.

12. Open Your Own Business

Opening a Business

Choose something that is really interesting for you and invest your soul into this activity. Remember, it is not always possible to do it all from the first try. Every successful businessman had both rises and falls.

Find lessons in your mistakes and use the received knowledge in the future. Do not fall in despair and do not give up your goal.

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