Future of Alternative Sources of Energy: Prompts for Writing

Solar Panel Farm

During the centuries humanity pollutes the planet and its atmosphere. People dig for the resources of the Earth at a geometric rate. Remember only how the diamond career looks like. Nuclear power is very productive: it provides electricity to the largest number of consumers. On the other hand, it is also the most dangerous type of energy, at least we can mention the Chernobyl tragedy. When ecologists raised the alarm, mankind began to think about the environment. The alternative sources of energy, which would not harm the planet so much, were developed by scientists. Now there is a tendency to replace the existing power plants with the safer ones.

Current Situation

To write about the future, first you may determine what these energy forms are, in which way they produce the amperage and how they work today. The aim of the hydroelectric dams is to convert the power of the tides into commonly used energy. The solar energy is converted into the electricity with the help of solar batteries. “Alta Wind Energy Center” in California is the largest wind station in the US. You can say that many people are gradually moving to self-providing themselves with the electricity. For example, people install the solar batteries on their houses and completely abandon the state electricity supply. This is not only more safe for nature, but also cheaper. Scientists have calculated that it is possible to provide the entire world with energy (excluding the factories), if we install the hectare of solar panels in the Sahara Desert!

No More Fuel

Electric Car Charging

Now, think about the future. Elon Musk managed to bring the electric vehicles to the mass production. In Japan and China such cars have been used for a long time, but they did not appear on the mass market. There are a few thoughts that it was a conspiracy of the owners of oil companies, as the rejection of the gasoline could dramatically reduce their profits. Now here we have a tendency to abandon the gasoline. Unfortunately, the electric cars have drawbacks – their battery charge is enough for a ride around the city, but not for the long distances. If you know any researches on how to advance this technology, then describe them in your paper. Some large trucks, which are used in the quarries, and rockets can`t easily switch to the safer forms of energy. Perhaps you have thoughts how the rocket fuel can be replaced by something more safe in the future.

Manufactures’ Self-Sufficiency

Despite the tendency of transition to use the alternative energy resources, not all large factories and corporations can independently provide themselves with such energy – they need a lot of power, so they are connected to the constant electricity supply. Think about how the situation may change in a next few years. Maybe in the future, a reliable alternative source of power will be invented, because all modern stations depend on the weather conditions.

Distant Future

What will happen in fifty years? Only a few decades ago, the solar batteries also were the “future”. In your opinion, what kinds of energy will be opened? Tell about your vision of the future of the power industry. Maybe you have a suggestion on what completely new sources of energy, like cosmic, will appear. If you know about the new concepts in this industry, you may write about them and their further exploitation. It would be nice if the cars run on the garbage, like in the movie “Back to the Future”. This will solve a lot of problems!

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