School Violence Solutions: Writing Ideas

Everyday many kids face the rudeness and violence at schools and solving this problem needs a lot of efforts from teachers, parents and, certainly, children. The kind of harm which one gets because of evil jokes and pranks made by his or her fellows can be resulted into complexes and restraint for the whole life. To avoid it cases of school violence have to be strictly controlled and punished by the pedagogues. Here are several ideas how to solve such issues.

Children at Lesson

Parents’ Impact

Parents are ones who can influence their kids greatly; they shouldn’t ignore cases when their child demonstrates cruelty and disrespect to the others. So besides school education conversations at home should exist. Surely, it is bad idea to punish kids physically or by taking away items of their necessity, as it leads to misunderstanding and piques.

Parents’ task is to explain children how important is being tolerant and polite relating to the others, that hurting somebody who is weak and defenseless is wrong and unfair. In addition, they should commend kid’s good behavior.

Professional Help

Sometimes parents’ attention is not enough and the child needs professional help. Apply to psychologist and achieve a special treatment. Don’t be afraid of it, it is not shameful. Very often such therapy helps to prevent worse events, that way parents’ can save their kid from mistakes that cannot be fixed.

Direction of Energy

Sometimes the problem is that kid is hyperactive, and there is a simple solution. Sign him or her into sport section. Boxing, martial arts or football, all these sports need a lot of energy and if one is really interested in it, he will be all-out after training. Moreover, coach can become a great authority and influence his pupil in a good way.

Teachers’ Attention

Pedagogues have to be attentive to every student and pay respect to his or her needs. Of course, it might be complicated but it will help to prevent violence. Teachers should carry special classes there they will tell about the harmfulness of cruelty and rudeness and try to educate students with good manners, help them to improve personal qualities. Also schools stuff has to inform parents about bad kid’s behavior regularly.

Teacher Talks


Students should be taught how to be responsible for their offenses, it may seem rudely as they are too young but it definitely helps to prevent similar cases. If one commits violence at schools, punishment has to be strict and kid should be aware that he is guilty and such acts are inadmissible. If the crime is hard, school administration has to inform police as well.

Fellow`s Help

Kid can also expect for his friends’ support. Classmates should act as one big team and help each other if there is a need. No one has to feel depressed or lonely, as it often causes violent behavior. Kids have to protect their fellows from bullying or harassing as well.

All in all, close watch and attention to each kid can prevent school violence. Someone who tries to hurt others usually suffers from loneliness and lack of love. Parents and teachers should take an active part in solving school violence problem till it is not a catastrophic one.

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