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A science fair project is a task consisting of scientific method experiments and a special path requiring students to generate some questions. Then, they have to find answers to those questions on their own and as a result, to satisfy their daring towards the exploration of the surrounding world.

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Engineering science fair projects for high school, just like other ones, are about experimenting, researching, collecting items of science, showing scientific gear to view. Science fair projects represent efforts put by a student to explore some interesting field and give the possibility to share their investigating achievements with others to him or her. When conducting a science fair project, students get the experience of scientific investigation in practice and appreciate values of their explorations.

Middle school projects (including 5th grade science fair projects, too) have three critical components:

  • Display unit;
  • exhibition materials;
  • text report.

When combined properly, three parts set a full and careful investigation of the interesting area, give a bunch of knowledge and experience a student never had before, and bring the results of scientific method experiments they initiated on their own.

Display Unit (or the Backboard)

This one is very important to the presentation. People see the display unit first of all, and it is what makes their first impression about the student’s efforts and professionalism. It is like an “ad” for your science fair project, so design and construct it to cause the greatest visual impression. As a rule, the backboard is positioned behind all other exhibition materials.

Exhibit Materials

Everything that is in front of the display unit it’s the exhibit material: samples, devices, and any other items can excite people much. Presented things are better to reflect those the student was using when conducting the research. They actually present the project from the firsthand viewpoint. The best way to organize display materials is to retell a science fair project story through them or create a concept showcase letting the observer understand the point on their own, without the student present nearby.

Text Report

This paper is the essence of all actions the student had to do in order to finish the topical research. The knowledge learned, used or gained while conducting the research is shaped in the written form and included in the report. Experiments, sets of items, scientific principle demonstrations, and scientific equipment showcase or anything created and organized during the science fair project completion is needed to be recorded in this document. The report contains important information about the project and reflects the topic understanding of a student.

6 Cool Science Fair Project Ideas

Now, it is time to present some science fair project ideas to inspire students. Do you need a 5th grade science fair projects? Can’t you find worthy science fair projects for 9th grade students? Check the list of 6 ideas below and see how to generate them on your own.

Astronomy Science Fair Project − Rings of Saturn: What are they Made of?

Saturn, the sixth planet of the Solar System, is a unique space object due to numerous wonderful rings spinning around it. What do they consist of? Why each of them is special? Explore different particle types and find out how they become Saturn rings.

Science Fair Projects for 8th Grade: The World’s Best Cookie

You’ve thought a cookie to be the best one in the world after biting in, haven’t you? What was that cookie? Did you make it at home or try it in a café? The cookie science fair project idea supposes you to explore the method of cooking the beloved cookie right at home. Conduct taste research and investigate if putting the cookie into the fridge for 2 days before you bake it can actually improve the taste quality. 

Science Fair Idea − Cat: Fat or Not?

Almost 60 million cats and dogs in the USA are overweight pets. Does your pet belong to that category? What about cats of your friends or neighbors? Does the dog of your grandpa weight too much? This science fair project supposes you to find out the percentage of overweight pets among animals you know and to compare their weight to average US numbers.

Idea: Polluted Air

They often post info on smog days in many local newspapers. Go in for the topic and find out the number of smog days in your city during this year. Are there more or less of them if to compare with other years? It is good to find or take photos of your neighborhood during high smog days and low ones. Compare pictures and make some conclusions. What is the influence of smog on visibility? What is the reason for smog to appear? What are its components?

Science Fair Ideas − Teens: Why are they Stressed?

What is the major cause of teenage stress? School days and troubles? Future worries? Family troubles and relationships? First love issues? Set up a survey and investigate the main teens’ stress level contributing reasons. There are some additional ideas for this science fair project: investigate ways for teenagers to overcome stress. Find out if modern teens feel less or more stress comparing to their parents as teenage children or state main sources of stress throughout different time periods.

Engineering Science Fair Project Idea: Nails and their Holding Power

What is the difference between different nail types holding in wood? Investigate nails of different sizes with different depths of pounding. The harder is to remove the nail, the higher is its holding power. Is it possible for the nail to be removed with pliers? What about using the hammer claw? How much strength do you need to put? Is a crowbar required? One more idea for a project is to compare nails and wood screws in terms of their holding powers.

Science fair engineering

Science Fair Project Ideas Generation

So, as you see, it is not too difficult to come up with original science fair project ideas. Anything can become your source of inspiration here. Just find an interesting topic and think what you would like to find out or explain in it. Then create an attractive presentation and have your project described in a report. That’s it. 

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