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PC choice

In our times, computing technologies became tightly connected to humans’ everyday life. Computer is a personal helper, and on the right choice you make when buying a PC, depends how long and well it will serve you. Despite the fact, that a PC user can be well-familiar with it, there can be situations when its purchase was wrong and making them regret soon. Here below there are the most important recommendations on buying a PC, and tips on avoiding the most widespread mistakes connected to the process.

There is a list of the most important recommendations which you should obligatory consider when choosing a PC:

1. It is not worth to buy the assembled system. Ready-made PCs which can be seen in shops often consist of low-quality details not made for a long-term service. It is better to buy your PC in specialized shops where they can assemble your system using details you exactly want to include into your build.

2. You should not buy a computer of the very last model consisting of top-notch details. Such builds are often overpriced. Once you buy such a PC, you’ll notice it became several times cheaper pretty soon, and you’ll regret about wasted money.

3. Make sure about warranty period. For main details like: processor, motherboard, graphics card, power supply unit, HDD, there must be a few years of warranty service period.

4. And a very important moment when you buy your PC: you need to determine, what the goal you purchase it for is. If you are going to use it for work and Internet surfing only, then there is no reason to spend big money to buy a powerful system. Work PC will cost you several times cheaper than a high-end gaming machine.

Some Tips about Choosing a PC on Your Own:

Processor. When buying a processor, you will need to make a choice between units presented by two vendors: “AMD” and “Intel”. Main parameters that are important for the processor are: frequency, cache memory size and the number of cores. Remember: the speed of your PC’s performance directly depends on these characteristics.

Motherboard is one of the most important details of a system. There is a special socket for a processor on a motherboard, so they need to fit each other and are to be bought together. Pay attention, and make sure there are no unnecessary details installed on your motherboard, so you didn’t have to pay more for what you won’t use. 

Graphics Card. The need in this detail depends on goals why you buy your PC. There are cheaper budget cards that are fine for most tasks, but not capable to run newest games. So, if you plan to use your computer for gaming, be ready to spend a serious sum for this detail.

HDD. It is better to choose one running with SATA III interface.

Sound Card. There are integrated sound cards in almost every motherboard. Still, if you decide to buy a separate device, do not forget to switch the integrated one off through BIOS settings.

Power Supply Unit should be chosen in the very end, when you know how much electric power is required to “feed” your system and maintain its stable functioning. 

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