Pupils Should Be Paid for Good Grades

Students in Classroom

Such opinion that students should reach fee because of successful studying exists. No doubt, it is a controversial question. Some people even compare colleges and schools with work, where everyone has a certain salary. However, is it fair collation? Here are several arguments why students should get a fee for good grades.


It is hard to disagree that money is a pretty good motivation, especially if you are young and cannot get a constant work. Teenagers while studying well won’t need to beg their parents for pocket money anymore. They will try to do better at school, and some of the learned material will definitely stay in kids’ minds. Moreover, if children will be motivated to have good marks they will have more chances to enter the college and get a well-paid job.

Ready for Adulthood

Students will be able to get money at an early age, and it will develop some of their personal qualities like responsibility, hard-working and self-sufficiency. Furthermore, kids will get ready for a future job, there you can just seat and don’t do anything as it may be at school, and your salary depends on how much work you have done.

Poor Students

Some families cannot afford a lot for their kids and in such cases, teenagers have to work at the early age, and their education suffers. In case of payment for good grades, poor students can buy some useful items for themselves, from chancellery to clothes. In addition to that, such kids can get a chance to enter a college after school as they and their parents will understand the necessity of good education.

However, there are several minuses of this practice. Pay attention to it.

It’s Their Duty

Kids may understand such method of commending as that they do something special but it is not clear. Everyone in the society has his or her duties and children are not an exception. They have to visit school and receive knowledge not because of money but for their future. If one studies well, they get useful skills and experience as award. It is much more valuable than several dollars. Kids should understand that their duty is getting basic knowledge at school in order to be helpful for the society and country.

Decreasing Of Morality

Many people find it is way to demoralize and deprave kids. It will give them a statement that everything in this world can be sold and bought even such things as knowledge, love and friendship. In addition, children may start refusing to do anything without payment, helping their parents or doing housework, for instance.

Kid Does Homework

Ways to Spend Money

Of course, most kids are going to spend pocket money on sweets, modern devices or entertainment. On the other side, having some dollars in the pocket, their parents don’t even guess that it might make young ones try drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Adults cannot influence them anymore by decreasing of a pocket money amount.

Summing up, it is still a great discussion. Maybe, students should be better commended by some other rewards. Kids have to understand clearly that they visit school not for a fee but for getting knowledge.

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