"School Kills Creativity" Essay: Sample

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Many people today agree that school kills kids’ creativity, makes them suitable for average standards and doesn’t give an opportunity for developing as individuality. Such education has no use in preparation for adulthood. Despite these statements there are strong arguments against contemporary education. A great part of society still doesn’t understand in which way school has a bad impact on young minds. Points in this article aim to explain it and describe certain kind of effect schooling has on kids’ developing. This material may be useful for students who make a research on this theme.

School Uniform

It is applied in the majority of schools and considered to be a mark of elite and expensive education. Sure uniforms for pupils may have lots of benefits; however, its disadvantages should be kept in mind as well. First of all, it makes everyone looks similar. Kids lose their freedom in choosing clothes and accessories; they can’t add something personal to their appearance.

Uncreative Classes

During the most lessons, pupils are not able to try new methods of studying, discover some material by themselves and be original in research making. Teachers repeat old programs again and again and, as a rule, these tutorial include boring lectures, where children receive information, but can’t take a part in discussion. Interactive methods of schooling, per contra, give a possibility to debate any issue and come to the common agreement. That allows students to express their opinion and ideas, prove their rightness and so on.

Pupils Writing Exam

Few Arts’ Lessons

In modern schools less attention is paid to the cultured development of students, a great part of the schedule is belonged to Business, Economic, Linguistic classes and so on. Of course, these subjects are important and give useful skills; however, lessons of Art and Music help children to develop their individualities, discover new talents and improve cultural preferences. Moreover, it teaches a kid how important is to stay creative and original, cultivate humanity, kindness, and buoyancy.

Studying for Marks

This is the other issue of modern schools, almost all students don’t care about skills, knowledge, and attainments, the grades are what matter. That means one will not evince creativity in his learning to memorize material better, for example. He or she will only bone up on a certain theme and forget everything after the exam. This is a result of today’s estimation and commending system at schools.

No Talent Developing

Very few schools have separated section, clubs, and organizations which help kids to refine their talents. Singing or dancing, for example, are considered to be lightweight activities and have no chance against economist or lawyer professions. As a result, children have no motivation to enrich their skills and give up in the field of creativity and art. Moreover, students often have no time to visit such sections beyond school because of busy schedule and plenty of homework.

All in all, the education system should be improved in the way of motivating kids for creativity during studying. That leads to better results in schooling and more chances to develop personal qualities and talents.

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