Getting the Dog and Dealing with Consequences

Hugging a Dog

Dogs are known to be the best friends of humans. When thinking of dogs, only good memories come to mind. That is why let us talk more about advantages of having a dog.

A person is never alone when they have a dog. There are enough stories about old lonely women who have dozens of cats living with them. However, not only cats can make a positive impact on a person when a person does not have anyone else to live with. Dogs are known to be the most devoted creatures on the planet Earth. There are a lot of novels devoted to that exact feature of those pets.

For example, nowadays there is an extremely popular story about a dog called Hachi. It was a dog that always waited for its owner at the train station. One day the owner died, but the dog kept on waiting for him until it died, too. There is a movie about this dog, however, this story is a real one and is probably not the only one of this kind. In Japan, where the story took place, society has cared to create a monument to this dog. This kind of another creature's devotion is one of the reasons why people get dogs instead of getting cats.

It is known that people are happier when they have someone who cares about them and waits for them at home. Dogs are perfect for that. It does not matter when a person comes home or how tired they are, their dog will always jump joyfully in front of them.

Dogs are often more emotional than cats, they show the owner their love by sweet barking or licking their faces. Some dogs even like to bite their owners playfully. It is also a way to show their appreciation and devotion. Jack London, the English writer, wrote many books about those fluffy creatures. In one of them, the main character has a dog that used to bite him when showing his respect and tenderness. The harder dog's bite was, the better an owner understood his importance in eyes of a dog.

Speaking of teenage novels, we cannot skip another positive impact of dogs on people's lives. Children who have grown in a family with a dog have more opportunity to become a kindhearted and caring person. From the very childhood, they learn how it is to be responsible for someone else. They adopt dog's views on devotion and consequently become better friends for their contemporaries.

If a person had a dog when they were a child, it is rather unlikely that they will grow up cruel and angry. One thing is sure: they will never hurt any animal, especially dogs. They will not be scared of dogs and will understand the barking of their dogs as a sign of joy and happiness.

Dog and Cat

It is important to mention that dogs are not only barking while feeling joy. Initially, they were the first security system of humanity. Dogs were used to guard the houses and were little garden alarms against strangers. They were also good helpers while hunting because of their extraordinary noses that can bring the hunter to their victim and their great speed. With a development of social relations and culture, especially the western culture, dogs became more like home pets. There appeared different breeds of dogs. Every breed had its own task. One type of small dogs was made in order to fight with rats and other small rodents. The other one was used for young women to create a gorgeous image of an aristocracy. That means that they were rather decorative.

Nowadays, we have certain vestiges from those times. People who live in villages or have their own farms are more likely to see a dog as a helper and not as a good equal friend. It does not mean that they do not like their dogs as much as those who keep them at home. They just do not feel any need to be sweet and tender with animals.

Moreover, many people now can buy a dog that will be just another accessory for their style. Fortunately, there are not so many of that kind of people. Even those who see a dog as an accessory, later on, cannot imagine their life without them. It is just a dog phenomenon. Everyone who claims they do not want any dog, when they get one cannot stop talking about it and taking pictures of their pet.

Long-Haired Dogs

One more advantage is that there is a possibility to earn money with a help of a dog. Many people make a family business of it. They breed dogs and sell them to others. It is a hard process, because before having puppies, a dog should enter and win different dog competitions. Moreover, people who breed dogs should live in a big house with a great yard, otherwise they will torture their animals.

When talking about dog's competitions, one more advantage comes to mind. There are more possibilities to meet new people if one has a dog. It is not just during competitions. A person can get an interesting interlocutor just while walking a dog in the morning. When it is 6 AM on a Sunday morning, there are quite a few people outside; only people with dogs can walk around at such an early hour. That is why it is highly likely that two of them will start a conversation. They even know what to talk about, if both of them are fond of dogs. That is how a dog can free somebody from loneliness in two different ways.

Of course, everything has its good and bad sides. Dogs are perfect, however, everyone should keep in mind certain peculiarities of having a dog.

A dog is, first of all, a great responsibility. It is wrong to see your dog only as a toy. If a person wants devotion and love, they should also give some of it back. A dog will never ask for it as people sometimes do, but it will definitely suffer from the lack of attention. That is why everyone should be acknowledged that dogs need food, attention and walks on the street. It is definitely not enough to take a dog on the street only once per day. That is why a person should arrange their day in such a way that they will able to get home and give some time to their beloved animal.

Playing with Dogs

One more thing is that when a person gets a dog, it always leads to the increase of the expenses.

It seems, however, that there are no real disadvantages of having a dog. As soon as one gets a dog they will find no disadvantages at all.

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