Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essay topics


Students of various majors keep looking for good topic ideas for cause and effect essay because many of the topics they offer are getting turned down by professors. You could ask, what in the world do they want from you on your current academic level? In actuality, it’s simple. Some topics are just too complex to reflect on in a small, five-paragraph essay.

Then again, which topic is too broad for a cause-and-effect essay? Here’s an example.

You are the future mechanical engineer and you want to write on a cause and effect of technology essay topic. Well, there are many technologies in the world and you just physically won’t squeeze all the cause and effect chains on a few pages of your essay topic.

What topic sounds more relevant? Something like this - cause and effect essay on cell phones - should be fine. Want more awesome ideas for writing winning cause and effect essays? You can find them below. A brief explanation of the content and the whole course of the essay is attached. Enjoy and write high-grade essays on your own!

Cause and Effect Essay Topics List


Cause topics


  • Cause and effect of social media essay topic


Social media cause and effect essay topics include many subtopics. You can analyze the active use of social media by the young generation as a cause for many effects to happen. If you go further, you can present a chain of causes that follow the direct effects of using social media. And on the final stage, you can decide, whether you want to make a persuasive statement, offer a solution, or make a long-term prediction. As an alternative, you can review both positive and negative effects of communicating through social media.

As an example of a “single cause - multiple effects” scheme, there are quite a few effects to consider. Those include the lack of real-life communication, less physical activity, alteration of self-image, cyberbullying, addiction. Among positive effects are familiarity with current trends, global net of contacts, advanced technical skills, active social position, breadth of the worldview.

However, if you further the investigation of the following the reasoning chain, you could get something like this. The lack of real-life communication may lead to increased aggression, isolation, FOMO, decreased verbal communication skills. Furthermore, these effects may found to be reasons of more serious outcomes like suicidal thoughts, cybercrime, addiction to social media. The overflow of unfiltered data through social media news feed may shorten the attention span, further - make it less likely to focus on essential things, make youth more vulnerable to propaganda and manipulation. On the other hand - online media makes it possible to get an education online and conduct business worldwide. Thus, you may conclude that it all depends on personal conditions and traits of a person, whether she will take the best or the worst of the social media world.

  • Global warming cause and effect essay topic


With every other hurricane, sudden snowstorm, or summer fires, the question of global warming rises again and again. Global warming can be seen as boring and one of the easy cause and effect essay topics for students. It is said that the phrase “climate change” is more accurate, however, it boils down to the fact that the root cause for sudden weather changes is melting of the ice on the North Pole. The other probable reason is the Greenhouse effect caused by air pollution. You can also narrow this topic down to a cause and effect essay about air pollution topic.

Further investigation might appear quite interesting. State the most popular opinion first (the excessive amount of traffic fumes cause global warming). Then, you can lead to the notion that the excessive amount of gases produced by fabrics, plants, and power stations is the primary cause of global warming. In this regard, using more electronic devices (including electronic vehicles) might prove to be ineffective or even dangerous for the Earth.

  • Cause and effect of exercise essay topic


We are used to hearing that exercise never hurts to the overall health of a human, and what’s more, it’s good for the soul. Instagram trends sell us pictures of perfect bodies along with sports nutrition and slim-fit costumes. Set the stage of current background on the issue and then ask - what is the real reasoning chain regarding the exercise topic? Learn long-term scientific observations and analysis of health experts on this issue. Does exercising really make people healthier? Everything might appear more complex than it seems. Exercising may become one of the fun cause and effect essay topics if you include some primary research in the form of observing your health before, during, and after exercising.

Stories of friends who lost weight and became more fit or stories of someone who felt worse after becoming a victim of fitness religion are great evidence for your essay topic. Quantitative data from surveys and scientific experiments are also good support for your viewpoints. All in all, the cause and effect chain of this topic turns around the balance of nutrition and physical activity. Also, make sure that you don’t forget to mention the individuality of each person’s needs due to health conditions, age, lifestyle, body mass index, and so forth.

  • Cause and effect essay on divorce topic




Divorce is a challenging stage of relationships that inevitably affects all members of the family - husband, wife, children, their parents, and siblings. This situation might also affect areas of life like social interaction, work, living conditions. As long as this topic is broad enough, you can choose to talk about one of the aspects of your essay. For example, it would be the question of how the divorce of parents affects their children personal life in the future. Lots of psychological studies show that there is a direct relation between the cause (divorce) and effect (a child’s personal life).

On the other hand, the act of divorce can appear not as a cause but an effect in your essay. You can focus your topic of an essay on the question, what influences the decision of divorce? Is it possible to avoid divorce? Does getting divorced help to solve the issues that both spouses have? This topic has been widely discussed in scholar circles, but it still has much more to learn.  

  • Cause and effect essay on smoking topic


What are good cause and effect essay topics without a cause and effect of smoking? Just like in the previous topic, the act of smoking itself may appear both as a reason and as an effect. It all depends on which context do you choose to develop throughout your essay topic. Students often choose to view smoking as a driving force for many upsetting health outcomes. However, this approach may seem too exhausted by your professor. Ideally, you should present a statement that hasn’t been addressed before by other students or academics.

Smoking as an effect opens opportunities for seeing more interesting relations in this topic. Smoking could be an effect of anxiety, fear, high work pressure. People also start smoking in an attempt at socializing, which is especially true for young people. That fact also becomes a cause for many marketing campaigns of smoking brands to be targeted at the younger generation. Conversely, smoking is an effect of millennials being sensitive to advertising that promotes smoking. Ask yourself; did you see any other reasons why people start or continue smoking? Trace the cause and effect chain and suggest probable solutions.   

  • Cause and effect of bullying essay topic


School bullying has been a serious problem for hundreds of years. It can become one of the personal cause and effect essay topics as well. Bullying itself as an effect, it can be seen as an effect of the gap between social classes. This may also lead you to the topic of the immigration cause and effect essay. Many kids still feel they don’t belong in society they have to live in. On the other hand, what are the reasons for bullying? Perhaps, it’s aggressive behavior of parents at home, which is also the effect of their hard work with low working conditions being also the effect of the tough economic situation that pressures the employer?

As you can see, there could appear to be many topics in one. You should choose the primary emphasis of your topic. Describe it clearly and concisely in a cause and effect thesis, then make all the reasoning chain work for it. For example, you can focus on the effects of cyberbullying essay topic. The main question would be here - what affects the cyberbullying? And what are the effects? If you focus on causes, then the effects would act like your background information and vice versa - briefly list causes of cyberbullying to study their effects more in detail. The isolation and lack of attention or shared feelings, anonymity and childhood abuse may lead to cyberbullying. As a result, you could study what the effects are and whether they are dangerous. 

  • Cause and effect of poverty essay topic


You can discuss this topic both by listing each effect after each cause or making it in blocks by discussing all reasons first, and all the outcomes next. Poverty is another broad topic for a cause and effect essay, and you may end up making a dissertation if you attempt to seek for all the root causes and long-term effects of the poverty topic. This problem has been a great concern for centuries long and people still can’t tackle it. Most likely, thousands or even millions of students before you have written essays on this problem. So, how do you write something original? Let’s see.

One option of narrowing down the topic of poverty is writing a homelessness essay focusing on cause and effect structure. What makes people homeless? Why can’t they go back to the lifestyle of other citizens who have their homes, families, and jobs? If you focus on one region, your essay topic might become even more specific. For example, what are the causes and effects of homelessness in Las Vegas? Obviously, people are chasing big wins and then become left with nothing. But what makes those games so addictive that even educated people can’t resist spending all the money they have?

This research can bring unexpected results. We recommend you focus on the field of study that is going to be your major. What can you say about poverty as a future doctor, software engineer, social worker, entrepreneur? Study causes and effects in regards to your specific field of knowledge. This approach may also prove to be useful for your degree, research project, or internship. Since having a certain academic record in your specialization matters a lot.

  • Stress cause and effect essay topic




Healthcare professionals view stress and depression as different types of illness so make sure you consult authoritative sources before writing your essay. Thus, a cause and effect of depression essay topic might be focused on more serious health problems as depression is regarded as something more severe than stress that can occur in the daily lives of everyone. Depression is associated with loss of sleep, weight loss, obsessive behavior, apathy for any life activities, alcohol and drug abuse, heart diseases, and danger for mental health.

Causes and effects of stress is a topic for many scientific types of research, yet you can add something more by carefully analyzing a problem and seeing it from your individual perspective. Think of stress that you experienced or people close to you experienced and you know how they got through it. Now think of reasons and effects of those stressful situations and link them to your topic.

Apparently, stress can be affected by either objective reasons (death of someone, change of jobs, health situation), or by subjective reasons (recurring negative thoughts, viewing the society as threatening one, watching fearful news stories). Stress can also be influenced by one reason or multiple ones at the same time or consequently. As an example, you can extend the stress topic into something from good cause and effect essay topics for college, like Why students drop out of college cause and effect essay. In this essay, it is relevant to talk about many reasons why students fail to keep up with their peers. This could be a financial situation in their family, having a tough schedule, teenage pregnancy, having to work after hours, feeling lonely and homesick, not like the program or the major they enrolled for. The effects may include a low standard of living, lack of job, and being unhappy while dreaming of something more and feeling not smart or courageous enough to have a better life.

  • Essay on childhood obesity cause and effect topic


The most popular cause and effect essay topics for college students would be nothing without this one. While writing an academic essay on this topic, you can also maintain various kinds of emphasis. It is better to stick with one direction, whether it would be social studies, psychology, medicine, parents behavior, education standards, social media body image, politics for supplying school meals, or anything else that you find relevant.

Young parents, quite clearly, spend a lot of their time working hard to pay off student loans or mortgage, to put food on the table, to give a proper education for their children. Perhaps, the lack of attention leads to uncontrolled consumption of snacks and fast food, and as a result - childhood obesity. You can trace the reasons for this problem practically in all the disciplines topics that we listed above. Schools don’t care much about healthy eating and promoting a healthy lifestyle, children spend too much time playing video games or watching TV, their psychological condition calls for eating more because they are not getting enough care, and so on.

Unfortunately, long-term consequences may appear even more serious. Childhood obesity may lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, asthma, joint problems, and even cancer. The primary risk factor for health here is shorter life or the baggage of diseases bringing hurt every day. The mental state also suffers because of those effects that become reasons for problems with self-image, love life, working and socializing. Excessive weight may cause bullying at school and in social media, low self-esteem, and all the psychological problems arising from this condition.

Ultimately, when writing a cause and effect essay on this topic, make sure that your academic paper goes beyond just listing reasons and effects and presenting evidence. Necessarily comment on each topic idea and show how it links to your thesis statement for cause and effect essay.

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