Essay on Ways of Communicating with Unpleasant People

Arguing People

Communication is an essential part of human life as most of the vital processes are related to this notion. It is a well-known fact that a human is a social being, which means society plays a key role in our existence. It is not surprising because every day we come across various people with whom we have to interact. Otherwise, we will not be able to reach the desirable results. For instance, if you are ill, you have to communicate with a doctor; when you want to buy something, you have to communicate with a seller, and so on. As you can see, communication is a process of meeting a goal.

However, everyone has nice people with whom he or she wants to spend maximum of free time, but there are those who are so unpleasant that a person does not even want to see them, saying nothing of communication. But at the same time, we just have to communicate with such people. Otherwise, it will not play in our favor. If you also have a couple of friends from whom you want to escape, but you have to communicate with them perforce almost every day, read how to do it without doing you any harm.

Write Essays to Communicate with Unpleasant People

The best way to communicate with unpleasant people is to tell everything that you are thinking about them without even a hint at rules of decorum. However, the consequences are also expected: you will stop talking with these nasty people at all but at the same time you will lose some opportunities to fit the ax in the helve. My suggestion is as follows say whatever comes to your mind!

Surprised? The key point here is to say it to a clean sheet of paper. Yes, I am talking about writing down your thoughts in the form of the essay, term paper or thesis (or getting assignment help from specialists in the sphere of writing essays, which can also be initially useful at initial stages). In this case, you will be able to express any idea or thought that has come to your mind. College homework help may indeed come in handy when it seems that you ran out of ideas or even on the contrary, when you need some good patterns of them to inspire you.

According to American psychologists, such a method contributes to the practice of emotional revealing that is very important for our mental health. It is a well-known fact that restraining emotions destroys our psyche that leads to mental disorders. And during communication with unpleasant people, we try to control our emotions and do not show what we feel in real. That is why the method of writing down all thoughts and emotions regarding the particular event or process on a clean sheet of paper is very useful.

Realize – It Is a Must

Why is it necessary and why is it necessary for you? There are five simple reasons for this:

  • Firstly, you will stop making yourself a nervous wreck. Do you remember the saying that if the enemy cannot be defeated, you must become friends? Do you need extra stress? I do not think so. Therefore, make use of this saying and act.
  • Secondly, you will raise your credibility. Maybe you did not know it but demonstrating that you have to deal with unpleasant people shows you as an impatient person who is not able to overcome difficulties. But if you behave politely even with someone who annoys you, then people around you will respect your individuality.
  • Thirdly, there are situations when people refuse to solve a problem just because they will face the one they hate while dealing with the issue. As a result, the problem remains unresolved, and it is an additional stress you actually do not need.
  • Fourthly, as I have put it earlier, you just might not have an alternative. If there is no alternative, take it for granted that with this person you will have to communicate, learn or work, and make yourself think that when you achieve your goal, you will dictate own conditions.
  • Fifthly, it is a great way to learn how to adapt and become stronger. Only your attitude towards a person makes him or her an unpleasant one. Try to look at the situation differently and you will be able to find something good in that person.

Avoid Dangerous Topics


If you are not on the same page with your interlocutor, all you need to do is to look for neutral topics. Do not argue - you will not come to a consensus. It will only increase your hatred. If we take written forms of self-expression, we can tell for sure that there won’t be any dangerous topics to avoid if you choose the right homework service: professionals will tackle any topic you choose for them.

It is a well-known fact that there are topics that may contribute to hatred even between close people. Among them are politics and religion. There are as many opinions as people around the world so do not hope that your point of view is shared by someone else. That is why do not try to express your opinion about a political situation in some country or your attitude towards particular religion. You know that religion is a reason for the war in many countries. So, if you do not want to start World War III - talk about animals and weather.

Let Speak out

Your task is to look like an agreeable companion, so listen more and be quiet. Do not interrupt and try to look interested in the conversation. I can say for sure that a gift to listen to other people is a miracle and if you are not a patient person, this gift is quite hard to master. However, not everything is lost. There are many methods and techniques that could help you to become a patient person that will lead to mastering the ability to listen to other people. If you are interested in this magic, go here. Hope, you will find the most appropriate way to become a wizard.

By the way, one more tip - control your gestures and body language during a conversation. Especially if you are talking to a foreigner. There are some gestures the meaning of which is contradictory in various countries. So, pay attention to the culture and tradition of your interlocutor.

Do Not Taunt

It seems that it is something self-evident, but some people think that causticity is one of the varieties of humor, like sarcasm. However, it is not like that. Truculence is a form of attack, and the response will not be long in coming.

Take a Rest


After communicating with an unpleasant person, you need to rest. You need something to pamper yourself, so it is high time to make your wishes come true. Buy a cake, dress, suit, etc. Such things will improve your mood, and you will forget about a conversation as soon as you go to a favorite shop.

Moreover, taking a rest does not imply buying particular things. Your hobby also has the power to overcome stress and forget about the unpleasant moments (even about problems at school/university/work, tons of homework or undone project). So, do not hesitate to find time for enjoyable things that will improve your general condition.

Find Something Good

Even if you cannot stand someone, he or she is likely to be professional in some sphere. He/she is a talented worker, dances/sings/plays instruments well, or maybe he or she is a very educated person. Pay attention to it and make a compliment. After that, the ice in your relationship will melt.

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