How to Stop Buying Unnecessary Things

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Being disposed to impulsive, unconsidered purchases makes people buy unnecessary things, makes their pockets empty and causes junk mountains to appear in their houses. This article will show you how to get rid of that illness.

Every human can get influenced by the same illness. It attacks people in different and unpredictable moments of their lives. Someone gets hit by it while purposelessly surfing the Internet, others can suffer right at the street or near supermarket shelfs.

The illness can start showing itself differently, but the result is always the same: a person wakes up at home and takes a look full of wonder onto a thing they just bought. Impulsive purchases can happen to everyone, though they have different kinds. It is difficult to fight this illness, but it is actually possible. Here are tricks that will help you gain immunity to unnecessary purchases.

  • 1. Find Your Weaknesses

    First, you have to find weaknesses in your defense. Marketing specialists found out psychological tricks and used them long before today. Any unprepared customer can get hooked with these tricks. Here are they:

    • Colors. Shops underline goods they want to sell you with bright colors on purpose. Be especially attentive to red or orange colors, they unconsciously push you towards an action (a purchase).
    • Placement hints. There are winning places on every shelf. They put not high quality or low-price goods onto those shelfs, but goods that bring the highest incomes to a trading organization.
    • Tactile contact. This is a favorite hint of street traders. They try giving a thing they name to your hands first. This is about psychology: if a person holds something in their hands, they are ready to buy it.
    • Smells and sounds. Specially selected music can make you feel relaxed. And tasty smells around make you get a full basket of goods even if you don’t need them.
  • 2. Create a List of Your Things

    People often buy unnecessary things just because they don’t know what they actually own. As soon as you create a full list of your things, your will to buy something will get weakened significantly. Try to divide your things into some categories during that:

    • Necessary. These are the most needed things you use every day and can’t stay without them.
    • Sometimes necessary. Things you use from time to time.
    • Needed, but not necessary. This category can contain things that you could live without, but they bring you pleasure.
    • Junk.You can’t remember why these things were bought and when you used them last time. They just occupy space.

    Here are three questions that will be helpful for you to work with this list.

    1. When did I use this last time?
    2. When will I use this again?
    3. Does this bring me pleasure?
  • 3. Estimate the Price of Your Junk

    Unnecessary Thing Purchase

    After you’ve divided your things into some categories, you are likely to want to get rid of all the junk at once. But no rush, one more exercise is needed.

    Take all the junk and count the overall price of unnecessary things carefully. If thing was a gift, don’t take it into account. If the price had changed significantly from the one that was when you purchased a thing, count the amount of money you paid for it in the past.

    There is a guarantee: an overall sum will wonder you. Take a single goodbye picture of your junk, write a number of costs you paid for it, and throw all those things away forever. The picture is to be put close to your money and credit cards.

  • 4. Learn to Take a Break

    Customers that can make impulsive purchases are the most wanted ones in a trading business. All the promotions, sales, discounts and “happy hours” are organized for them. Client that is in a hurry will not be interested in quality or characteristics of what they buy.

    Your task is to crush this plan and learn to always take a break before making a purchase. The more expensive is the thing, the longer this break is to be.

    Here are four simple advices about how to stop buying unnecessary things impulsively. Control your funds and improve quality of your life every day!

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