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Student Life

I need you to think right now. Don`t start with your “Oh, not again, we think enough at university”. Firstly, no, you don`t, students are those creatures who aren`t really good at brain processing because you, guys, are way too stressed out. Secondly, it will be about the university. Do you find the knowledge that you get there very useful? Or at least somewhat useful? Perhaps, you`ve learnt a lot about your future occupation. Nevertheless, you have no clue how to apply this knowledge in real life.

Don`t worry, there are many people out there who don`t have a college degree at all and they still are nailing it in the whole money-making game. This phrase was supposed to cheer you up but you are probably regretting the whole idea of getting the higher education. Admit it, this thought has been like a little bacterium poisoning your mind and body gradually.

There is no need to be sad because we`ve got plenty of arguments which will prove you that university has given you the most useful and applicable life lessons. Receiving a higher education is a long process full of stresses, mental breakdowns, and little victories like that time when you didn`t study for a test at all and yet nailed it. Here`s why the university has much more to offer than just knowledge and a diploma.

Social Skills

Social Skills

No matter how hard you`re trying to avoid the company of actual human beings right now, don`t be naive thinking that you`ll manage to do it further in life. Can you name any profession which won`t require human interaction at all? You can be an artist or a PR manager, it doesn`t matter. You`ll still have to talk to people. And that`s a skill that student years must have taught you well.

Do you need to find the notes from a lecture? Do you need to participate in a group project (there`s no way to bail on this one)? Do you need to convince your professor to give you another chance to pass that test? Of course, you need all of that stuff! Even if you`re not much of a party-goer and you don`t light up any room with jokes and interesting stories, you`ll still have to communicate with other people. Whether you want it or not, the university years is a communal experience.


Despite the fact that scientists claim there is no such thing as multitasking, no student will actually believe those smart-pants. But if you`re wondering, there is this post that you can check out. Whether it`s about being involved in many activities at the same time or switching from a task to task very fast, still that`s a trick not every ninja can master. But a student definitely can. You can have a snack, write an essay, and listen to the lecturer all at the same time. And you know that you`re going to be exceptionally good at all those activities.

It often happens that students have to do their homework in adverse conditions. For example, you have to read a scientific article on your way to university or to write a paper while at the party. There is nothing wrong with that! You want to have fun but at the same time you realize studying is the reason why you entered the university. Sounds like a reasonable behavior of an adult to me.

Managing the Budget

Broke Student

Money and students have a very special relationship. I`d say that they are playing the never-ending game of hide-and-seek. Living on a budget is one of sad but undeniable realities of student life. And you know what? It will only work out good for your future. It doesn`t necessarily mean that you have to be extra careful with money. Being in your early twenties is the best time of your life (of course, you may disagree), so you shouldn`t cut down on the fun stuff completely.

But that one morning when you wake up, look at your bank account and see that you`ve blown all the money in one night will teach you much more about money management than all lecturers in economic theory.

Student years is the time when you`re supposed to learn that money and friendship should never go hand in hand and you need to learn how to manage these two concepts.

When you graduate and get a good job, you`ll start treating money in a whole different way. So, use this current “on a budget” situation to prove yourself that human relationships should never be about cha-ching.


Running Late

Tell me that managing to find the only place in town which sells alcohol at 3 a.m. can`t be described as a perfect problem-solving skill?

Okay, for people who aren`t that fond of rowdy boozy events, we`ll come up with another example. The deadline is about to hit you in a few hours, and when it does, it`s going to be a huge splash of emotions, tears, screams, and drama. So, you run around the dormitory, from a room to a room, trying to find a senior student so they can help you out.

What is more, those trouble-shooting skills develop your imagination and sharpness of mind. If you get stuck in a traffic jam and you`ve got an exam in twenty minutes, your brain starts working like crazy in order to figure out the way how to get to university as fast as possible.

So, a huge part of surprising and affecting situations are most likely to happen to you during the student years. Don`t miss the opportunity to use those skills.


Back at school times you could have asked your mom to let you stay at home whenever you were really sick or just weren`t in the mood for going to that little studying pit. But at university nobody can tell you what to do, and that`s the worst part actually. Now you have to motivate yourself. Can you imagine how strong a willpower of an average student must be? By the way, there is an additional secret to staying motivated that you can find in this article.

Waking up early in order not to be late for a lecture in global politics? Easy! And you don`t even care about global politics. But here you are, at university, sitting at the desk, waiting for the lecturer. Nobody was trying to convince you to come, nobody has offered you a chocolate bar for being present. You did that because you realize that at some point your future career and the whole life may depend on that. So, exceptionally good self-motivation is something that you`ve definitely managed to develop throughout all these years of studying.

Now go ahead and write a brilliant resume where you can include all those characteristics. You probably shouldn`t go into too much detail about it, don`t explain how you got all of those useful skills. Just be sure and let everyone see that you have them.

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