8 Mistakes of Newbie Travelers and How to Avoid Them

Traveling Mistake

Traveling on one’s own is enjoying the big boom of popularity. In the Web, there appear a lot of people who travel around the globe, visit the most beautiful and interesting places, and discover new cultures, having only a bag behind their back. If you’ve got inspired by such examples and think about leaving for a trip on your own, read this article first. Maybe, it could save you from some troubles.

  • 1. Too Many Things

    When you pack your bag for a long journey for the first time, you want to take as many things as possible. Your brain thinks out more and more complicated situations starting from the words “What if suddenly…”, and your bag gradually gets packed until it becomes really, really heavy.

    Stop that! Remember, you’ll have to carry it all on your back, and this can turn your trip into a torture. Humans usually need very few things to live, and those they lack they can find anywhere. The skill of a correct packing for a journey comes with experience, but you’d better think how to take the minimum of things at once.

  • 2. Strict Route Planning

    Sometimes newbie travelers think that if they plan all their route perfectly, order all tickets and count all stops beforehand, it will save them from stress and unexpected situations.

    Things often go the opposite way. There can appear an unpredicted circumstance at the very unexpected moment, and your plan will go down like a house of cards. So, you should plan a trip, of course, but don’t do that too fanatically. Leave yourself a place for a maneuver in order to not be nervous because of possible delays.

  • 3. Too High Tempo

    When you come to the other country, you want to be everywhere and to see everything. It is a will that can be understood, but you’d better follow it carefully. Otherwise you can turn into a tired horse that runs over the places of interest without having a sleep and any rest in order to take some more obligatory pictures.

    Relax and calm down. You can’t see everything in any case, so choose quality, not quantity, of your impressions. Meet sunrises in beautiful places, breath in new aromas, learn new traditions.

  • 4. Faith into Digital Technologies

    We all live in a wonderful digital time, and many things of today lose their material shape. But in those countries your route passes through people haven’t probably heard about electronic tickets, credit cards, and online services yet. So, you should be ready to a situation when a simple operation that takes three seconds in your country is absolutely impossible somewhere else. Have paper copies of your tickets, talons, and other important documents with you all the time.

  • 5. Roaming

    If you use roaming abroad carelessly, it can cost you really much. There are enough stories on the Web in which inexperienced tourists had to pay gigantic costs for their phone calls after they returned home. So, try to find out roaming prices and to find the most suitable offer before you leave for your trip.

  • 6. Trustfulness

    There are many people that have diametrically controversial viewpoints on traveling. Some think the world is full of evil and cheating, so travelers are definitely going to be robbed or insulted. Others go completely another way and paint the world where there are only friendship and help with pink colors.

    In reality, in the world there are both pink rabbits and evil grey wolves. You can really be robbed or cheated, so you shouldn’t trust every local person who offers you a “friendship”. Stay alert and consider your instincts. If there is an anxiety bell ringing inside your mind, you should turn down even the greatest offer ever.   

  • 7. Wastefulness

    Some people, who usually can’t be called extravagant, get really mad about that during trips. They start buying senseless “authentic” souvenirs, eating in the most expensive restaurants, and ordering epic excursions. Understanding comes later, when it’s already too late.

    Remember that the quality of your journey doesn’t always depend directly on the amount of money spent on it. Learn the right currency exchange course beforehand, compare prices from different places, and don’t be too shy to haggle. Never, never agree on any service without knowing its price at once if you don’t want to pay three times as much with a scandal afterwards.

  • 8. No Insurance

    We all hope things will go the best way only. In most cases, it actually turns out that way. But sometimes everything can go wrong. Appendicitis, trauma, poisoning, or even a single flu: how can you predict it all? You can’t, so don’t be too greedy and pay for a tourist insurance. It will help you if there appear unpredictable troubles. 

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