How to Find Time for Books, Even if You are Really Busy


Sometimes, there is absolutely no time for reading, but you still want to know new things and proceed with your self-development. Our successful writers found their solution for this issue in reading audiobooks. They share their tips about how to know more.

Why Humans Actually NEED to Read

The more info you consume, the more ideas appear in your mind. And it is not obligatory to try thinking out something new, it is even more important to summarize something old in your own way. This is what makes every person unique: they all make completely different conclusions.

With this approach you should not try to remember all the facts gained from the book, you only need to understand main topics and ideas. Then, they are going to “react” with the information that already is in your memory. Still, it is better to read all the info in one piece, and not to shorten it, as it is important to find exactly that data, which is crucial personally for you.

Increase Your Speed

There are two ways to do that:

  • Using any method of fast reading. Still, not everyone is able to remember the info they get in such way;
  • Listening to audiobooks. They are the best for those who feel okay about remembering the info they get through listening. Of course, you won’t be able to understand them if to increase playback speed at once, without getting used to the new way. So, you better add speed gradually. For instance: 1. 1,5. 2. And later 3 times faster.

Read Everywhere

Listening to Books

You can listen to audiobooks any time at any place. The point is, to have your phone and headphones with you. For instance, try listening to them:

  • While getting to the college or university by bus, metro, tram, etc.;
  • On the plane;
  • While walking;
  • In the bathroom;
  • In the queue;
  • When preparing to leave for studying.

Of course, it is much more pleasant to read or listen to the book in big pieces, when you don’t have to rush somewhere. But even if to read them from time to time (especially with the playback speed increased), you can find out lots of new things.

Study All the Viewpoints

Do not try remembering the book with every detail of it. Remember key ideas and move on to another one.

In order to study any question from all sides it has, read as many books about the certain topic as possible. You’ll learn to distinguish main thoughts and think over them. When getting in contact with different points of view, you’ll be able to form your own mind. It will be much easier to do that in the audiobook case, rather than if to read and think about the single paper book slowly. 

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