Studying Guide: 8 Ways to Improve Your Intellectual Abilities

To become a better student, you need to develop yourself as a person. Never forget to invest your time and energy into your personality.

Smart Student

1. Widen Your Outlook

Unknown situations and new impressions can teach you many new things. When you meet something you are not familiar with, your brain creates new neuron connections. When repeated, they get stronger and you gain new skills. So try going out of your comfort zone a bit when you have such opportunities: visit new places, go to the university through another road, or just wash your teeth holding a brush with the other hand. The more inveterate your habits become, the more difficult it becomes for you to get used to changes.

2. Try to Think Creatively

Any success always begins with an idea. Do not limit yourself with frames, turn your imagination on, then it will be easier for you to think out new ideas, to find solutions and make new connections. With time, you’ll learn how to find inspiration in any part of your life.

Everyone has creative thinking, so try using it more often. It can help you turn even the dullest job into an interesting one.

3. Read

Many students often spend all their time on studying, and just forget about resting and entertainment. But one’s personal growth is not based on studying only.

Any kind of reading is useful for one’s brain as it develops imagination.

Brain transforms words into pictures without any serious efforts from your side, and your mind watches the whole movie filmed by itself. Plus to this, reading helps you understand grammar rules, and improves your skills of text writing. 

4. Develop Brain Plasticity

There are numerous apps and games that improve your skills of problem solving and brain plasticity. Neural plasticity is the ability of your brain to create new neural connections. This allows it to process new information in a faster and more effective way.

5. Study on Purpose

In order to reach success, you need to look for news in your field all the time. Run towards new knowledge, gain new skills. The more you know, the easier it is for you to think out strategies and make important decisions. Studying helps you to be self-confident, and to organize the process cleverer, and not just to work harder.

6. Go in For Sport

Physical activity does not only help you look better, it influences your brain as well. When your brain receives much oxygen, it works better. As a result, you improve your memory, concentration, cognitive abilities. It is more difficult for one’s brain to understand new information and regulate the development of new cells if you do not give it some physical activity regularly.

The easiest and the most effective way to become smarter and to lower your stress is to move more.

7. Have a Good Sleep

Numerous researches confirmed that lack of sleep hurts one’s intelligence. You need to sleep well in order to be attentive. When working on books and notes with no rest you become dangerous to yourself and people around, just like a person who drank too much alcohol.

Keeping an eye on your regime and sleeping well seems to be very simple, but there are not many people who do that. And a healthy sleep influences your academic successes directly.

8. Put on Right Clothes

Good-Looking Student

It is a proven fact that clothes can have an impact onto one’s intellectual abilities. Yes, people who put on white robes become more attentive and concentrated. Uniform has a lot of power.

Your clothes tells who you are and what you can reach. When putting on the clothes that confirms your role, you behave according to it. Plus, this influences how people around perceive you and your intellectual abilities.

Brain can be inflicted not only by facts, but by mood, too. When you wear good clothes, you feel yourself better. And the better is your mood, the more open you feel yourself when talking to groupmates, passing the exams to professors or having public speeches at the university.

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