Respect Yourself

Gaining Self-Respect

And we start from a question at once. Can you mention your successes during the last week? Month? Year?

Yet now we’re talking not about the cool magical events, we’re about “regular” ones. It is written like that with a count. Because the edge is really thin. And this edge is created by our attitude to any event. Our emotions and feelings create it.

Our mind is good in remembering things connected to strong emotions. And there is no difference if these emotions are positive or negative ones. Your memories influence onto your attitude to yourself really strongly! Sometimes human remembers really ancient negative events and can’t remember things which had happened two hours ago. It goes the same way with the positive memories, too.

What are those “regular” events we were talking about?

Here go some examples:

  • -Having a good time with friends;
  • -An interesting and useful conversation with your girlfriend or boyfriend occurred;
  • -The list of daily tasks was totally completed;
  • -A chance to eat tasty;
  • -A good dream;
  • -Home cleaning done.

And so on.

If human doesn’t recognize their successes, their memory becomes overwhelmed with negative events. As a result – your basic emotional wave falls down. It means your mood becomes worse and worse through your life.

Mention Them!

So, mention your successes, even the smallest ones. Something you got done. You could even note them on the list! Do not wait till someone commends you, commend yourself on your own!

Some time later, you’ll mention that there are more of your successes appearing. Our attention gives something the required energy. And what gets your attention will grow! Obligatory.

It can often be heard that it is all good here and here, yet there is one “but”… In a topic of…

And here is the point: this is a topic you need to mention even the smallest successes in. Even something that seems a pure trifle! Your mind will grow up and strengthen the appropriate associative connections, and the number of such positive events will naturally rise up.

It is useful to star your successes diary. And to note them all there. The worse your self-concept is, the more important is to provide this diary. It will become a habit once. A useful habit.

It is fine and useful to surround you with reminders of your success: diplomas, photos, awards. Write yourself placards about how wonderful & cool you are.

Tell people around you about your successes. People like being closer to a success. And while saying about it, you can remember your accomplishments better.

And the habit to complain is better to be removed. Lots of people automatically remember the complying person as a life loser. So if you want to complain, go to someone who can really help. Or describe your feelings with a magical technique: make complying not sad, but full of humor. Laugh instead of being upset.

Yet when there is no energy to hold the compliment up – talk to something: the fridge, the washing machine or the boiler. But that is a topic for another article.

To Finalize:

One small piece of advice. Tune yourself onto a positive wave before you fall asleep. Humans often analyze the past day before going to bed. If you do this too, do it with an appropriate quality. Remind yourself of ten useful and positive deeds you completed, or of ten magical events which happened to you. Remind and say “thanks” to yourself and the world around. And your sleep will be much better & more pleasant.

Morning is better to be started from positive memories and thanks. That is the way to spend the day on another wave! Good luck & know you’re awesome!

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