What Is the Use of Philosophy?

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We are young, careless and free. We live our lives to the fullest, and we want to experience everything we can to make living brighter and happier. On the other hand, is it OK just to exist without thinking about life itself? Sometimes the moment comes, and you stop to understand the world and your place in it.

What Is the Philosophy?

Philosophy is a science about the nature of knowledge, matter and existence. It first originated in antique times in Greece. Philosophers were the people who doubted beliefs in gods ruling the universe and tried to find an explanation of the world around them. If we translate the word “philosophy”, it means “love of wisdom.”

Do Both Chemist and Historian Need Philosophy?

As students, we learn a lot of new and interesting things during our studies. Each of us has already chosen the way we want to go in our lives. Some see themselves as respectful professors in the Humanities, others as famous scientists. Philosophy helps us see the world from different perspectives; get acquainted with the thoughts of people from different generations and lifestyles.

Is There Anything Left to Explore?

Yes! Though we live in the 21st century and it seems like everything has been already discovered, explored and learned, it hasn’t. Fundamental problems of existence are still worrying the minds of intelligent and inquisitive people.

Is There Any Point of Remembering so Many Names and Theories?

Famous Philosophers

While studying philosophy, we are being fed with theories and names. It is easy to get lost. It may seem that these studies only complicate the way we see the world, but actually, they don’t. We start to perceive reality from a different point of view, and we broaden our outlook. If we study philosophy, we enable ourselves to be open to new ideas. It also helps us to understand cultures different from ours.

Do We Have to Learn Everything?

It depends on the curriculum whether you should just blindly follow the information teachers give you or you should do some researches yourself. Sometimes philosophy classes are made to impose certain ideas that are convenient for government. Nevertheless, you can find advantages even in a situation like this: you can improve your critical thinking and get interested why exactly these theories were chosen for your studies. If you do that, you will improve your understanding of the way the world works.

To sum it up, there were so many people before us who tried to understand the way the world works, and there will be many more. You may agree or disagree with their theories. You may even create your own one. And this is the main advantage of learning philosophy - you can finally make up your mind about religion, politics, social relations and the number of other important subjects of modern society.

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