How Can Students Make Notes More Effectively?

Making notes is one of the most useful learning skills. They help to consume the material easier, to avoid losing important details, to create schemes, etc. But like any other task, notes making is to be done cleverly. So, let’s find out how to write down short notes in a really effective way.

Cornell Notes


This is one of the most effective note-taking methods. All that you need to do is to divide a list into 2 parts: bigger one to the right, smaller one to the left. A smaller part is used to write theses. Right one is where you can put notes and attachments. This method’s advantage is that, you can have much info to analyze.

Use Group Notes

Nothing and nobody forbids you to make notes together with friends. This can be done on the paper, and through the services like “Evernote” as well. Two heads are better than one, for sure. You can distract and miss something important, and while having several sources for your notes, you can get prepared better.

Try to Catch Maximum Data

It is not always possible for you to remember and then remind yourself about everything the lecturer says. So, you need to learn how to catch and write down as many details as possible. Using a dictaphone can be a good solution, but you should make sure your lecturer does not mind that.

Divide the Lecture into Pieces

Not everything you hear during the lecture is worth to be noted. Something is better to be missed. So, before you write something down, think if you are going to look through that material. To catch up with your notes better, you can reprint or rewrite them, and throw everything less important away. You can understand the material better that way, and your notes can be useful for someone else.

Attend Lectures

An obvious advice, but still useful for many people. You can’t make notes about lectures if you aren’t there. Yes, you can learn things by someone else’s notes, but nobody can guarantee you to understand everything correctly in that case. Additionally, you can ask the lecturer some questions while being in the audience. So, try to avoid absenteeism.

Use Colors

Colored Notes

“God, I’m the MAN! Should I wear colored pens like girls with me?” – someone might ask. Well, why not? Distinguishing the note with a certain color can help you understand your own notes better. Those are like tags, but on the paper page. And don’t ask yourself questions like “What will the others think?” They can’t say anything bad about you. You should not depend on what other people think about you. Remember about this.

Note-taking can become a powerful instrument for your studying. That is an excellent way to gather, sort and systemize the received material. Providing notes, you make your own life simpler.

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