Laziness Tips

Tips to Win Laziness

Everyone had that feeling: the wish to lay on a sofa or to watch a movie instead of doing something useful. Sometimes it’s just impossible to make yourself do something. As a result: deadlines, plans, nerves broken. There are some tested ways to find energy and motivation for both great and everyday actions.

The Rule of One Minute

This rule is called to help those who feel difficulties while performing routine actions. Visiting courses or sports trainings, for instance. There is a Japanese method, according to it one should perform some action during one minute of every single day. In this case, you won’t feel serious tension, only a pleasure and satisfaction coming from doing something.

Short-term activities will inspire you, help you believe in your strength and will motivate to moving towards the greater goals. Increase the time gradually, until you reach the required timing.

Of course, this method will fit only to those who aren’t oriented on a fast result, but want to get rid of the reason why laziness appears.

The Rule of Three Breathes

That’s a perfect way to help yourself in cases when you can’t start doing anything: Cleaning, for instance. Say to yourself, that after three deep breathes you’ll start. Make three deep, slow breathes. Imagine your first action while doing that: to wet the mop, for example. After your third breath, you’ll feel the additional energy. Start at once!

The Rule of a Good Mood

Imagine that you are in a good mood. This advice seems to be silly, yet it really works.

Bad mood and heavy thoughts are often the reasons of your laziness, too. Cheating on your mind is quite an easy thing: just think you’re absolutely happy & smile during few seconds. Your thoughts will lead you to some positive events of your past, your mood will get better, and it will be much easier for you to start doing something.

Productive Morning Rule

Rules to Defeat Lazy Bones

Students often need to do some things, which are small but unpleasant or irritating. We all tend to delay them for near future. Sometimes you can even specially & consciously “forget” about them… and to hear some not cool words from the lecturer as a result. These activities don’t bring pleasure, yet they might become sources of more serious problems when not done.

How to get rid of laziness in this case? Obviously, the way do to that is to finish such tasks. To make the process as flexible for you as it is possible, devote your morning hours to deal with the most irritating tasks. Especially if the task is about the “mechanics”: writing a conspectus, for instance.

Your brain is more about doing this kind of tasks in the morning. Additionally, after you’re done with any boring job, you feel additional energy load, and will start the rest of your activities with a lot more of enthusiasm.

“Think Less – Do More” Rule

This rule is about long-term goals or projects we often delay to start bringing to life. We think and work out all the possible ways of things to develop, risks, results, even the public opinion according to every stage of the plan.

Of course, if to do something like that, laziness and fear will keep you in their chains tightly. Sometimes you only need to act. Think on the step, and do it. You’ll analyze the result later. You might be a genius, but no one will know about that if you don’t do anything.

Allow Yourself to Be Lazy (Sometimes)

Nobody is a robot. Sometimes humans might need to let themselves lay on a sofa or watch a movie. What is the most important: don’t allow that sofa to become the center of your life. Reward yourself with such “lazy” days after completing any hard & big task.

Don’t forget you can have a rest differently, too. Plan a romantic date, go for a bike trip, make our regular day to become a holiday: the more variable your life will be, the less chances there will appear laziness in it.

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