Sample Essay on the Importance of Work for College Students

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First of all, I would like to start by stating the definition of work. It’s not as simple as “thing that you do for living”. It must involve effort and be result-oriented; can be paid or unpaid, (in such case, volunteering work). Even before we grow up and get employed officially, there is a million of other works that we do in school and university. Even doing homework is a kind of work, so is tending the garden, cleaning up the table after dinner, baking cookies for a charity and so on. Our lives are filled with work and tasks that need to be done. Usually if we take too much upon us, it may not be beneficial to accomplish all these tasks. So, apart from the obvious benefit of getting payed, why is working so important?

When we go to school and start learning, the effort of going every day and doing different tasks, subjects, socializing with other children and establishing a routine might be even more important than the actual learning process. You could learn easily with a little bit of self-will and provided you have access to the necessary information. However, it would be incredibly hard to learn discipline and create a routine without the obligation of going to school. Why on earth would you get up at 7 every day, and regardless of the weather, go to school? That is exactly why work is important: it trains you not to waste your time, organizes you, teaches you time-management and the importance of applying every day to achieve a greater result. The same goes for work, as it is something that requires time-management skills, has strict deadlines, is result-oriented.

We got you covered on college essays but that cannot go on forever. At some point you have to become the one who provides services and makes products to get paid.

Another important part of work is the possibility to socialize with others. Think back to your time in school again. No doubt, it was the place where you met most of your friends, enemies, first-crushes, and learned how to behave in social situations and create relationships. When you grow up, everyone starts having their lives, and it is impossible to keep in touch with the same classmates from school or college. Not to mention that people change and those friends you had before might not be beneficial to your growth as an individual. That is why working is important, because it is a great possibility to meet new people who share your interests and refill your need to socialize.

Of course, the major point of work is getting paid. We live in a capitalist world, where the more you work, the more money you can get, and the more comfortable your life can become. Whether or not this model is beneficial is a debatable question, however for now the facts are evident: work is needed to provide for you and your family. A thing that should not be forgotten is that unpaid work is also ultimately and paradoxically important for paid work, as it helps you gain some skills or just gives you access to paid work.

Another reason for work being important is that it gives you the possibility to practice a skill. Whether you are a designer, an IT specialist, a housewife or a translator, your ability to perform a kind of work will get better with practice, no matter how much background knowledge you have on the subject. That is why you should not disregard any kind of work, because it is a treadmill for your knowledge and special powers.

Work is also an element that cannot be taken out of context. If you work, all facets of your life get equal development. People who do not work, even though they have enough money to feel comfortable, will still reach out for some activities and tasks that keep them occupied, because it is not possible to do nothing at all. It is incredibly reassuring when you do not need to rely on work to be successful and comfortable in your life, however work will always be there for you to make you feel better and more productive, goal-oriented and so on.

Also, I would like to present two models of work in different parts of the world. If we focus on work culture in South Korea, we will find out that most companies employees are overworking. This cannot be classified as beneficial for them, as they hardly see their families, need to spend time at work afterhours, need to listen to their boss as if he or she is the master. This results in effectively executed work by the cost of health problems, unstable relationships and unhappiness in the workers. As we said, it is important for work to be an equally developed in each facet of your life, but ideally it should not take up all of your time and energy and make all other facets fade in the background.

The Danish model is quite different. One of the happiest nations in the world, according to statistics, the Danes work less and get more benefits because of it. How is it possible? The main focus is pulled on the productivity of work and your health in general. The work ethics are built around the principle that a happy person who has a great social life and some time for themselves every day will be a more effective and productive worker. The working day usually ends at 4 PM so that people can spend more time with their family and friends or focus on self-development. This is a great working model, because it values individuals and what the people truly need.

In conclusion, I would like to state that work is a kind of disciplinary measure that trains our will, it is a means to get paid and live life comfortably, something that helps us socialize and develop our skills. However, it should not prevail in your life, but be developed equally with the rest of the aspects that make you a happy, healthy and productive individual.

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