Ten Ways to Find the Profession of Your Soul: Tips

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Have you ever wanted to have more extended choice in finding a job that you like? Here are a few ideas that may help you to think more broadly.

Move to the Different Locations

In order to decide and thoroughly ponder what you want to do, you would better move to the different locations and surroundings. Motion changes emotions, and a new location may help to look at the world from the other perspective. New people, places, buildings, nature, even climate may inspire you and give fresh ideas for your future decision.

Change the Outlook

Think about your problem from the perspective of another person. Visualize that someone whom you admire gives advice on what you should do. This requires a lot of practice, but you will get many different answers, which might be very useful.

Draw a Picture of Your Dream

Imagine how it sounds, feels, smells. We can realize the importance and significance of things through our five main senses. To my mind, it will be very easy for you to distinguish feeling of doing what you would like to because due to the emotions, which you have during that, on the wings of excitement you are above the clouds.

Find the Soulmate

Find someone who is doing what you want to and ask him for advice. This process is called modeling. If what they are doing works for them, then why it won’t work for you?

Define the Concept of Success

Find out your own concept of success. You need to realize the difficulties you should overcome and the walls you should break in order to get it.

Ostend the Way

Often think about how you can begin doing what you like. Think of ideas, ways, and methods that might be more suitable for you. Change your habitual negative thought patterns about difficulties which may appear on your life path.


Humor helps to transform negative attitude that you have; thinking about something new, rearrange your attitude towards everything different and fresh.


Hang up a poster on the wall for a few days as a reminder of this problem. Your brain simply will get tired of the fact that you are not looking for an answer to the problem.

Make a List

Write a list of what will you lose if you do not prefer something that you like. Which feelings would you have when you are fifty? Regret or indifference? You know yourself better than anyone, so, you have to try if you have doubts. It's hard to be creative during this exercise, but believe me, it’s worth trying.



Create a strategy for moving forward. A positive and proactive strategy always wins over the negative one. You should thoroughly plan steps, take into consideration all aspects that may appear, people who may help you in your inceptions, knowledge which you may use, in one word, everything. At first, it might seem impossible, but the more often you do it, the easier it becomes.

Congratulations for passing the first steps towards the job that you like! Remember that the whole world is in your hands, so if you want it, do not miss your chance.

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