Guide for Students and Teachers to Dispose of Negative Thoughts Part 1

A thought is one of the most powerful instruments in the arsenal of humans. With the help of thoughts, one can turn Heaven into Hell, and Hell into Heaven. So, the main value of a thought is the possibility for you to form your mood. If you think about something bad all the time, then you’ll perceive the whole life like that. If a student thinks about his or her exam to go wrong, then this thought is a kind of a tune-up for the negative result. And vise versa. So, a person is able to control their mood and mental state with the help of thoughts.

Student Thinking

What is a thought?

A thought is a biochemical impulse. It is a product of thinking and has magnetic properties that appear in every cell and depend on outlooks, cultures, religions, education, media influence, behavioral habits, natural environment and many other things. Everything that happens around humans has its influence on the process of thoughts’ appearance in this or that way, too. Those thoughts may possibly become beliefs some time later.

Beliefs are repeated thoughts based by one’s experience or world observation. And it is very bad if beliefs are negative, fake ones. You literally lock yourself inside them and refuse accepting any alternative opinion at all. 

It is possible to look from the other side: your experiences are results based on your thoughts. Not only your life defines your way of thinking, you define your life. When a certain moment comes, your beliefs start conflicting with each other and you decide to focus only on some of them.

Thoughts do not turn to beliefs at once. It is a time-taking process. You need to think about the same thought multiple times in a row to strengthen a certain connection between cells of your brain with the help of synapses. Finally, you get used to them. Here is when problems start happening.

Yes, some beliefs are useful enough, but everyone knows that if not to work on thoughts consciously, they can start killing a person: cause stress, depression, apathy, hamper the ability to take right decisions, destroy self-esteem and self-confidence. It would be much easier to deal with simple thoughts. But when it comes to beliefs, the problem is a lot more difficult to solve.

The situation becomes even more serious with a thought being not an isolated event. Past memories and feelings always get added to any thought. So, when you try to get rid of negativity, it can seem to appear without reason if there is a situation similar to a one that formed your attitude already.

Any student can choose one of their negative thoughts and try answering some questions:

  • Why did this thought appear?
  • Why did it appear now? Why is it in this shape? Why there is no other thoughts?
  • How exactly did the thought appear?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What events from my life caused its appearance?
  • How many factors influenced it?
  • How far do I need to look back into my childhood to see origins of this thought?
  • How other features of my mentality and psyche influenced this thought?

The quality of thoughts depends on anything: pain and satisfaction, other people, mood, environment and many other things.

Four Stages of a Change

Usually, when introducing any changes to your life, you pass through four stages:

  1. Acceptance: “I just can’t change”.
  2. Recognition: “I really need to change”.
  3. Decision: “I don’t want to be like that anymore.”
  4. Statement: “Here is who I really am.”

First, you accept a fact that you can’t change yourself. On this stage you are standing against changes solidly, you think that everything should remain unchanged, no matter how bad things might be. There is not enough pain for you to start acting.

Student Falis

The next stage is to recognize your need changes. Here it comes, as you see your passiveness influencing your life negatively.

The third stage: you make a decision about things. It should not go on happening like that. Thoughts kill you and there is no retreat.

The fourth stage: the statement that you have changes to better already. As you feel yourself being a better person, you start making various decisions that correlate with thoughts, values and beliefs of your new personality.

Most probably, you’ll pass through all these stages. In order for your way to be successful, take following recommendations from the second part of the article into account. 

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