Just Get Better: A Brief Manual of Dealing with Blues

Distressed Student

Today students are constantly distressed and they seem to have bad days all the time. This is not how it should be. Learn the tips on how to improve your feelings with a little effort spent.

The Pain Is a Part of Self-Development

Life creates new obstacles for you when the time to reach new heights comes. This is great, for the reason that often we do not start acting by the time we emergently have to. During the tough times, it is necessary not to forget that the pain has its aim. Your discomfort will help you work best and feel better.

Things Come and Leave

Enjoy all the moments of your life, as you will not be able to experience the same moments. Even though it can be dark outside, the morning will come and will fill your heart with the warm and inspiring sunshine. Even if you see that you have missed some opportunities, you should understand that the world has something better for you, just wait and soon you will enjoy this.

Your Scars Are the Signs of Your Power

Jumi said that the light penetrates you through your wounds. The strongest souls have raised from sufferings. Your scars mean that there is no more pain, and your wounds have been healed.


Get Armed with Patience

You should have enough patience. This will be the result of your skill to keep a good mood and work for achieving your goals within any circumstances. If you have decided to try, you should move until the end. You will realize that suffering is not a barrier for you in life, but it is the way to go.

The Negotiations of Others Are Not Your Business

Even if everybody around you is bad, you should keep calm. You should be patient and smile when others try to criticize you. This is a simple way to keep your eagerness. You have to stay being yourself, when other people talk bad about you.

Everything That Must Happen Will Happen

Occasionally there are not a lot of things you can change. There is no need to complain about anything that has happened in your life. The only way is to try to do your best, even though this does not help: every time you suffer, you can learn something new.

You Should Keep Moving

Forget about being afraid of angriness. You should allow yourself to fall in love one more time. You have to realize that your power grows every day. You need to keep in mind that courage is the great thing. You should find something in your heart that makes others smile. Really, you do not need many people in your life, so you should not make many friends. Have a few, but the true ones.

Take the blue days as nothing more than the blue days and stay optimistic!

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