College Roommate Analysis: Animal World


There is no doubt that one of the hardest aspects of college that no one tells you about is the process of communication with other people, specifically, sharing space with new roommates. You may have had an insolent sibling back home, but learning to communicate and share your room with someone completely new can be challenging. At times you may even think that your roommate is behaving like a total animal! Well, you may be right, since there are all kinds of roommates in college, according to their behavior, and you can analyze them to improve your relationship and make your life a little bit easier. Here are some other tips for you. If your roommate is actually nice, and you would like to hang out with them, rather than writing your paper, you can order it on our website

The Fox

Probably, one of the hardest to bear is the roommate who acts like a fox. They may give you their smiles and sympathy, but then sneakily do something to annoy you behind your back. If your food is missing from the fridge, or the room has not been cleaned even if it was your roommate’s turn this time – you can be certain that we are talking about the sly fox. Usually charming and acting helpless, they will take advantage of your good heart for many small benefits. The key to communicating with such a roommate is to establish some basic house rules and make sure they will be followed. You should be firm from the start – show that you can see right through their disguise and are not affected by their charms. Call them out on the missteps, and do not tolerate even the smallest error. However, do not turn into a dictator. Your fairness and strong will are bound to convince the fox that you are a roommate worthy of respect.

The Bear


If your roommate is someone who seems intimidating, but on the inside is soft and cuddly, you probably will not have a lot of problems communicating with them. Find out their soft spots: put on their favorite music, cook them a batch of chocolate cookies or tell them you like them as a person sometimes. Do not be intimidated by their appearance, and they will feel freer around you. However, such a type can be easily manipulated by friends, and if they stay up drinking late and then disturb you, make sure to tell them in a soft and respectful way what the problem is – chances are they just did not realize that they were bothering you.

The Dog

You just click with them – they share all of your interests, they like watching the same shows in the evening, will read the same books and will be your best friend. However, when they start to share all your classes and weekends too, you may start to worry. This type of roommate seems genuinely nice, however they are too affectionate and even overwhelming, like they constantly need your attention and not let you have any other friends. If you do not want to hurt them, but are tired of them following you around everywhere, just sit down to talk to them earnestly about the problem, and then schedule some quality time together. When they see that you are not trying to push them away, but just need space, they will become much nicer.

The Cat

Sometimes we end up living with a person who seems cool and unapproachable. You definitely want to become their friend, because they seem like an interesting person with a rich inner world, confident and smart, and surely you have the right opportunity as you are sharing a living space – however the more interested you are, the more they seem to lay out some distance. The key to forming a friendship with such a person is not to be pushy. Just develop your own personality, focus on yourself, your hobbies, put some posters in your room or display your favorite things. In no time they will come up to you to casually chat about a book they have seen on your shelf.

The Sloth


They did not go to class today too, just stayed in bed until noon. On the weekends they are sleeping too, so you cannot be loud or invite someone over. If you want to schedule some activities together, they are most likely to bail on them, because they are too lazy. Congratulations, you are living with a sloth! If their laziness bothers you, do not despair. Just take a sheet of paper and analyze what kind of behavior has direct impact on your life. If you would like to listen to your music while cleaning the kitchen on Sunday mornings, just approach them and diplomatically tell them so. However, if you are just angry at them ‘cause they have much more time to waste, the problem might be about your jealousy and has nothing to do with them.

The Pig

You have never seen them cleaning anything, and your whole place smells because of the dirty plates that they are laying around? The pig will always claim that they are going to clean everything, but never do. In such cases, make a clear schedule for cleaning up, have rigorous check ups, write some rules about not leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. For every rule they infringe, they will have to pay you a small sum of money. It is a win-win situation, as they will either clean, or sponsor the cleaning lady that you will invite to actually clean up the room.

The Beaver

This type will most likely stay at their desk and study all day. They are laborious and very focused on their task. You might have some communication problems if you are the type that enjoys conversation and spending time with others. However, you need to understand that the beaver also needs their space and may not be as keen on chatting as you are. So maybe show them that you are friendly by buying some dinner for them and showing your good intention. They will surely soften up and spend some time with you, but you also need to know when your friendliness will interfere with their studying and respect their boundaries.

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